Genshin Impact Upcoming Content & Character’s Gameplay Leak

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular Gacha games and is equally free-to-play when it comes to beating the game’s content. Although controversies regarding the Gacha system emerge now and then, the game has always delivered as promised.

Even if you don’t play the game, it is unlikely you haven’t heard of this game. It saw massive success right after release and has brought millions of dollars to the company with each new character. Some more popular upcoming characters include the 5-Star Nahida, also known as the Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali, and 4-Star Layla, the sleep-deprived relatable character.

About Genshin Impact

If you still don’t know about the game, it has a wide range of unique characters, each possessing one of the many elements in the game; Pyro (Fire), Cryo (Ice), Dendro (Nature), Geo (Earth), Anemo (Wind), Hydro (Water), and Electro (Electric). The game offers terrific battle mechanics with the interaction of these elements, as they perform reactions together.

Each reaction has its properties and unique buffs/debuffs, allowing you to try many team comps and enjoy the game’s compelling story.

Major Points

  • Nahida and Layla’s gameplay has been leaked, showing their personality in the abilities and some of their idle animations.
  • Layla’s gameplay is just as we heard from the leaks, and Nahida’s elemental burst is enormous, making her the next potential meta character.
  • Nahida’s kit and signature weapon stats have also been leaked.

Layla Gameplay

As we all know, the 3.1 patch was just released, so the test servers for 3.2 have also started. That means we will have many exciting leaks coming up from notable testers. But nothing will be able to top what we got on the first day. Our team at TopTierList caught these from Ubatcha, one of the prominent leakers in the Genshin community with an excellent track record.

He was the one who leaked how Nahida’s skill works, and everything else is going as he stated.

Layla is described as the most sleep-deprived character in the game. Even Rosaria’s dark circles are no match for her, and we can see that as she does her skills. She has an elemental skill similar to Diona, while her elemental burst is more like Lisa’s. Her animations heavily reflect her sleepy personality. If that isn’t convincing enough to pull for her, then her abilities might.

So far, we can speculate that her contender is Diona, who already has excellent use; Diona is more notable for her C6, giving the elemental mastery to your party. If you think about it, it’s not that useful in a permanent freeze team. If Layla’s kit is suitable for that, then she can be your best-in-slot support for the permanent freeze team with her shield.

If her burst can have a good application, then we can have a budget Morgana team with her and another Cryo DPS doing the main DMG while Mona freezes the enemies.

Nahida Gameplay And Kit

In these leaks, we also had a lot of information on Nahida’s gameplay, including her best-in-slot weapon and much more.

As we can see from the wide AOE for her burst, she will undoubtedly be the next metacharacter. Her normal attacks and skill are unique, especially with the sound effects. We are unsure how exactly she will work since Dendro is new. Still, considering her burst works similarly to the Dendro MC, she will be amazing since she is one of the first Dendro characters and the Archon.

The sheet for her required materials and the stats have some exciting details. The scaling and everything else should be available on relevant sites once it has been set, so don’t look at those for now. Instead, we can see that she requires a new Weekly boss material, possibly Scaramouche. She will also have Elemental Mastery as her Ascension stat, and the Boss we need to farm is the Dendro Hypostasis.

In addition, we can also have a look at her weapon and its base stats. These are subject to change, and the weapon will be her best-in-slot. If you want to understand the passive in simple langue, basically:

  • Buff 1 and 2 are for the one using the weapon.
  • Buff 1 same element as the one using the weapon
  • Buff 2 different element (gives elemental DMG%)
  • Buff 3 is for the entire party, giving her more value as support.
  • So far, only Buff 1 and 2 can stack three times.

In Conclusion

Nahida and Layla’s leaks look great, and they are not strictly necessary to beat the game, but having them might raise your team’s value significantly. Still, it is recommended that you play however you want.

Not to mention, we also had an unexpected hint towards Scaramouche being the Weekly Boss in 3.2. As for the weapon, there are some free-to-play options, so you aren’t compelled to pull for it. Among all these leaks, what are you most excited about? Will you wish for Nahida or Layla? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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