Tempest Rising’s Inspired From Command and Conquer, Dev Says

Tempest Rising is an RTS base-building game that will be released sometime in 2023. Considering that genre has seen little to no games in recent months, this game quickly picked up a lot of ears in the gaming community.

At first glance, it looks like a modern-day version of Command and Conquer (CAC). CAC used to be one of the most popular games of its time. Additionally, it was published by EA, Nintendo, and other well-known publishers with a collective of 11 titles in the franchise.

However, the Command and Conquer franchise met its end quite soon. This was because of how negative the feedback got over the years. This negative feedback pretty much killed the market for games in the RTS genre.

“Inspired” Not Cloned

At toptierlist, we were able to hunt down a youtube video made by THQ Nordic Inside. In that video, the author interviewed the lead game designer of Tempest Rising, Brandon Casteel.

In the interview, the first question posed to the developer is how Tempest will stand out from its inspiration, CAC, rather than be another clone. To this, Brandon confirms that CAC inspires Tempest. But, the game brings far more to the table than its inspiration ever did.

He further goes on and tells us that in the coming future, we will be shown a bit more about what these features are. He does say that in the reveal trailer, they did try to lean heavily towards games like command and conquer and Warcraft. Furthermore, he added, “..wear our inspiration on our sleeves” when talking about the gameplay in Tempest’s trailer.

The Gist of it All

  • Developers list how Tempest Rising differs from Command and Conquer.
  • Explore a unique unit named Specialists.
  • Despite having a competitive audience, the developers are currently putting more power on the Campaign mode.


Later in the video, the author asks Brandon about his favorite mechanic implemented in Tempest Rising. He replied with the term Specialists, a special unit in the game for both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The idea of specialists seems very interesting in a game like Tempest simply because it is leaning towards some quest-based mechanics as well. In the video, Specialists are explained as unique named units that you can potentially unlock after completing their associated quests.

That is what they’re going to be like in single-player mode. However, when it comes to multiplayer modes, they’re going to behave a bit differently. The developers didn’t want to leave them out of the mode completely. However, they have not yet revealed their behavior in multiplayer matches.

Campaign or Competitive?

One of the last questions that Brandon was asked was what the developers are focusing the most on when it comes to campaign or multiplayer. In response, he said that a lot of priority was being given to the campaign mode because it requires much more work than the multiplayer mode.

He further adds that there are many cut scenes before and after each mission in the single-player campaign. Additionally, he said that all the interactions that focus between characters in the game require a lot of effort, which is why it is a higher priority at the moment.

However, the developer says that multiplayer is not being negated at all at this cost. At this stage, the developers feel like putting more effort into the single-player rather than the multiplayer campaign.

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