New Fortnite Skin Hints at Collaboration with Goat Simulator

Fortnite is a game that needs no introduction whatsoever. Epic Games’ greatest success never ceases to stop giving us unlimited content day after day. Even today, it has brought a very interesting new item for the players to enjoy.

However, let’s talk about the game a bit more. With the patch rolled out on Tuesday, it has seen a fair bit of criticism from most of its audience. Despite adding skins after skins, the major gameplay changes are getting a lot of mixed reviews from its audience online.

Fortnite has always been known as the game to associate itself with the hype before it even begins. Games like Among us and Team Fortress have certainly found their way into some of the features in the game.

Recently, the features that slid into Fortnite are reminiscent of Splatoon. It does make sense that this would happen because Slpatoon is on an absolute heater of a trend at the moment.

Goat Skin

We at toptierlist were able to find a massive yet bizarre leak from the user @FNBRintel. In this tweet, they revealed something that is not new to Fortnite but definitely unexpected, a Goat Skin.

From the looks of it simply looks like a dude in goat skin. But, if you are familiar with the Goat Simulator franchise, then it is likely that you may have immediately made the connection between these two.

Whether it is a collaboration with Goat Simulator or not is not clear at the moment. However, if it is a one, it will likely be a game drop from the upcoming release of Goat Simulator 3. Goat Simulator 3 is due to release on November 17th, so it makes sense Fortnite would be working on a collab with them now.

The Gist of It All

  • Take a look at the new skin Fortnite is releasing sometime later this year.
  • Possible hints link this new skin to a Goat Simulator 3 Collaboration.

Collaboration with Goat Simulator?

I did say that this collaboration is not yet confirmed. However, internet theories have already started pointing out viable hints that it may be a Goat Simulator 3 Collab. Let’s have a look at what some of these reasons are below.

Firstly, according to a tweet by Hypex, this new skin is listed as a “Gaming Legend.” If you don’t know what that is, Gaming Legend is one of the several rarities in Fortnite for in-game items. This specific rarity is only for items made available through collaborations with other franchises.

Secondly, many details are on the character’s skin, like the three on its belt and the RGDL on its shirt. These details are references to the game in question, which only solidifies the idea that this is likely a Goat Simulator 3 collab.


It has been confirmed now that this collab is no longer a leak and an officially confirmed.  Hypex just released the Goat Simulator x Fortnite trailer as a tweet. Additionally, most of the audience seems to love it.

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