Game Freak Files Trademark for Iconic Series Character

Game Freak Co., Ltd. is a video game development company based in Japan, and it is best known for developing the Pokémon series, which Nintendo published. While many people only recognize Game Freak for such popular titles, their debut game was one not many people know of.

Satoshi Tajiri, one of the founders and president of Game Freak, started their long journey with a game called “Mendel Palace” back in 1989. Now that the name has been forgotten over time, Game Freak seems to be interested in the character Quinty from the same game.

Quinty Trademark
Quinty Trademark

Game Freak has filed a trademark for Quinty, written in Japanese here, who is the antagonist from their debut game Mendel Palace. Now, this can mean many things; there is a chance that they are looking to give the game a Switch Online release.

They might also want to take it as a side project to remake the game, which is not the first time they have done so. They did the same with Little Town Hero and Harmoknight. It is excellent news for those who want to feel nostalgic and experience the game again.

The reason we are leaning towards these explanations is that it is very similar to when Nintendo filed two trademarks for Pikachu, or when they Filed for a new Donkey Kong trademark, and even EA filed some trademarks very recently.

If you don’t know what a trademark is, it is simply any word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. It’s how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors.

There are also less likely scenarios, like putting Quinty as an easter egg in Scarlet/Violet or another upcoming game, or they might just be updating it and have nothing planned whatsoever.

But this is the debut game we are talking about. It is not a crazy step and can be beneficial for them; besides, as nothing is confirmed, for now, all we can do is hope for the best. If you are unfamiliar with the game on-topic, continue reading;

Despite being a simple puzzle game, it was a very interesting plot, a young girl kidnaped the main character’s girlfriend, and it has two versions; American and Japanese. In the Japanese version, the main character’s name is Carton, and his girlfriend is Jenny, who has been kidnapped by her younger sister Quinty.

In the American version, the main character is Bon-Bon, and he has to save princess Candy, who is apparently trapped in her own dream. The reason for the two versions could have been censorship, but it was never confirmed.

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