Genshin Impact Sumeru Characters Leaked Gameplays

Genshin Impact is an ARPG game developed and published by miHoYo. It has received many awards and reached tremendous milestones for the unique things it offers. Unlike many other gacha games, Genshin Impact is just as fun even as a free-to-play player.

The game is currently in patch 2.7, and it would have been 2.8 already if we did not have the delay due to the CoVid situation. Nonetheless, we are now very close to the next patch, and as we get closer, so does the new region called “Sumeru”.

As with Inazuma, we are getting tons of leaks regarding Sumeru, the puzzles, the characters, the map, and so much more, but we bet you haven’t seen these exclusive gameplays of some of the leaked Sumeru characters.

First, we have Nilou, a hydro sword user, and surprisingly, it looks like they are trying out the unique ways characters can use their weapons. Heizhou is an anemo catalyst user, and he uses the catalyst along with his martial art techniques to give a unique aesthetic.

Like that, Nilou uses her hydro sword abilities as if she is a catalyst user. Moreover, her rarity is unknown for now, but having a 5-star-ish animation here means she is more likely to be a 5-star.

Her kit looks AOE based, meaning that if she works great off-field, we can do big vaporize damage using her with pyro characters or maybe some new combos with the dendro element. But the likelihood that she will be a top-tier hydro character is hard to guess since we have Yelan and Xingqiu being the best.

Collei is a 4-star dendro bow user, her passives are said to be the same as Amber’s, and her elemental skill seems to throw her bow as a boomerang, which will do damage as it goes and returns. Her elemental burst throws a mechanical cat that explodes and leaves an aura-like field that does constant AOE dendro damage.

Her kit seems simple, and she may not provide much value using her skill, but if her scaling is high and she provides value to the team using her AOE burst, she might be a great addition to the team.

Tighnari is a 5-star dendro bow user, and while his idle animations are the cutest we have ever seen, he also comes with a familiar kit. His charged attacks are similar to Ganyu, and if the scaling is also as high as hers, you know who will be in the meta.

His elemental skill leaves a huge AOE dendro field, which will be best to do all your reactions in. Imagine burning, intensifying, and all those cool things; watch out because we might have the top contestant for the upcoming meta.

His elemental burst seems underwhelming in the video, but that’s because there is no specific target. It also looks pretty similar to Ningguangs Burst, and if it has high scaling as well, he can definitely be one of the best on-field or off-field DPS.

Last but not least, we have Dori, who has so much drip that she has her own summon that wields the claymore for her. She is a 4-star electro claymore user. She has a unique playstyle; even if she does not provide much value, she is a must-have.

Her skill works similar to Kuki, Qiqi, or Barbara, it provides healing to the active character, and that puts her very close to Kuki Shinobu, who unfortunately is very bad as she provides no value to the team other than healing, which can be solved in other ways.

But what might make Dori better is her burst that shoots these bullet things that track and hit enemies, somewhat similar to Fischl’s Oz. So, if she has decent scaling, she can work as a good substitute for Fischl with your Eula.

You can superconduct and reduce physical resistance while healing yourself if you take too much damage.

We can see that other than the dendro characters, there is a lot of competition that can render Dori and Nilou useless if their scaling and kit are not as compelling. But dendro characters must have big AOE, as that allows most reactions, which is the ace of the dendro element.

However, we still haven’t seen the element in the game other than some dendro enemies, but doing the reactions yourself is another thing, so their value entirely depends on their element. It should also be noted that the element will need some time to be used comfortably in the game itself.

That is it from us. Make sure to check out the special program for the 2.8 patch that will be live on the official Genshin Impact Twitch for news on the next update. If you have any other questions, do let us know below!