Details from God of War Ragnarök Art Book Leaked

God of War Ragnarök is one of the most-awaited games. It is set to release worldwide for PS4/PS5 on the 9th of November, 2022. The game will be the ninth installation in the God of War series. The franchise has always been successful, but its reputation rose to the sky after the release of God of War (2018).

Currently, we know the game is based on Norse mythology and will be set in ancient Scandinavia. We will play with our favorite characters, Kratos and his son Atreus. As the name suggests, it will mark the end of the Norse era, as it will cover Ragnarök, the end of Norse Gods. So we will likely see many such characters die in this sequel.

It has been foretold previously as we killed the Æsir god Baldur, so no surprises there. The game has been trending even more now as we recently got many announcements. Among the many big ones, many may have missed out on a small detail that actually reveals a central plot point. If you are okay with getting spoiled, keep reading!

God of War
The Art Book Leak on 4Chan.

This image is part of the God of War Ragnarök art book, and it has been circulating on 4Chan. The details look legit and might just be true since it makes sense. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be a bit suspicious since it comes from 4Chan, and it is not known for being a credible site.

Atreus is Loki

If you have played the prequel, you know about the revelation we had at the end of the game. Atreus is, in fact, Loki, and even though the game is not identical to the mythology, this surprised a lot of us. Despite the fact that Loki is the son of a giant, Loki is still an Aesir God(according to mythology). So, Odin is most likely to see potential in Atreus in God of War Ragnarök and try to persuade him toward the Aesir side.

We don’t know what the outcome may be, but this can perfectly set up the connection between Greek and Norse mythologies. It is still not confirmed what events will lead to this situation, but it will be interesting to find that out ourselves.

We will see a big fight between Odin and Kratos, with the former being described as:

The All-Father himself, Odin, King of the Aesir. The intellectual master of dark magic will prove to be a surprisingly agile fighter, with a devastating arsenal of magical threats at his disposal.

We will also see some interesting dynamics between Atreus and Kratos as both of them face Odin, who will be the biggest threat they have faced yet.

Odin serves as an antagonist to both Kratos and Atreus in different ways: To Kratos, he is the ultimate nightmare scenario- a replacement father tempting his son down a dark path by offering what Kratos cannot; to Atreus, Odin is both the key to his potential and the very thing blocking him from achieving it. Odin is, without a doubt, the most formidable enemy this franchise has faced.


The details are exciting, and we cannot wait to see how it turns out. The game has already won awards for Most Anticipated Game and Most Wanted Game from the 2020 PlayStation.Blog Awards and Golden Joystick Awards, respectively. Although it was scheduled for release in 2021, the game saw an imminent delay due to the horrors of CoVid-19 pandemic and its impact.

Not to mention, Christopher Judge(Kratos’ VA) had health issues in 2019. Luckily, that is not the case anymore. Things are looking set, and we are ready to get our hands on the game.

That’s all for this news. Let us know how you think Kratos will overcome Odin in this nightmarish situation. We will discuss it with you below!

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