Players Facing a Glitch in Monster Hunter: World on Steam Deck

Monster Hunter: World is a game that many steam players are quite familiar with, and many players have been playing this game since 2018. In terms of content, it is very vast and provides more than what other video games do. Updates come now and then, so the game does not ever get stale. 

The fifth mainline game in the Monster Hunter series is an action role-playing game called Monster Hunter: World, created and released by Capcom. In August 2018, a Microsoft Windows version was published after it was first made globally available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2018. 

Upon its release, Monster Hunter: World was met with positive reviews from critics who praised Capcom for their ability to make the game more approachable for new players and Western markets without compromising the game’s enjoyable difficulty or core gameplay elements. Some even dubbed Monster Hunter: World the best in the franchise.

Monster Hunter: World Gameplay
Monster Hunter: World Amazing Graphics

Multiplayer Mode Graphic Glitch

While it is deemed one of the best games by people, it is no exception when facing bugs and graphics. A gamer took to Reddit to express his concern regarding a graphic glitch in the multiplayer mode on Steam Deck.

According to the Reddit user, it was running fine until today. They played with their friends online. However, the game started freezing for no reason. They also started getting massive lights and model glitches later on. 

According to another Reddit user on the same post, it seems to be happening a lot on Steam Deck lately but only in certain areas. The user says the game sometimes freezes in multiplayer and solo modes. It mostly freezes in specific areas, such as The Coral Highlands, and while fighting Vaal Hazak in The Rotten Vale.

Monster Hunter World graphic glich after some time when playing in multiplayer from SteamDeck

Major Takeaways

  • The game freezes in multiplayer mode on Steam Deck and sometimes even in solo mode.
  • After the game stops freezing, light and model glitches appear.
  • Though this also occurs on PC for some players, there is a solution to it.

Potential Suggestions For PC 

According to one user, if the players face these glitches on their PC, they should enable DirectX 12 in the display settings. That should solve their glitches problem. DirectX 12 will help add amazing graphic effects to PC-based games and not freeze or have glitches.

The other Reddit user advised them to lower their graphics settings if they use an old PC. That should be able to resolve their freeze and glitch problems. 

Monster Hunter World Gameplay2
Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Gameplay

Concluding Remarks

Though we can only speculate, it seems to have some freezing and glitches problems on the surface. Though some people suggested a few solutions if the glitches appear on PC, no real solution has been found regarding the glitch problem on Steam Deck. Since it ruins the fun, Capcom must take notice of it as soon as possible and resolve this.

What do you guys think of this glitch? Have you guys faced any glitches like this in the multiplayer or solo mode of Monster Hunter: World before? Let us know in the comments below!

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