Trademark Hints Towards a Potential Green Lantern Game

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Green Lantern is a title held by some great fictional characters. The most prominent one is Hal Jordan, the first-ever human to become a Green Lantern. Not only that, but he rose to become one of the most legendary Lanterns in DC Comics.

While he may not always be in the spotlight, he is one of the Justice League. His story inspires many, and his endless creativity incites uniqueness within a Hero. One way he can get that spotlight is by having a game dedicated to the character.

However, in 2011, he had his own game, but it could only do so much due to the limitations at that time.

Since then, other superheroes have become significant for playing a major part in another game or having one of their own. Nonetheless, we found some data from a trademark that DC filed in 2018. Surprisingly, it is pointing towards a potential video game.

Justice League Hero
Trademark Information on EUIPO.

This trademark was filed in 2018. Under “Goods and Services”, the following details were given about the trademark:

  • Computer software and firmware for playing games of chance on any computerized platform, including dedicated gaming consoles, video-based slot machines, reel-based slot machines, and video lottery terminals.
  • Gaming machines, namely, devices that accept a wager; a reconfigurable casino and lottery gaming equipment, namely, gaming machines and operational computer games software therefore sold as a unit.
  • Entertainment services, namely, providing an online computer games; electronic casino gaming services.

That text alone gives us good insight into what they were going for. Clearly, it was filed for a Green Lantern game, which we still have not seen. The fact that they did put it here might mean that they are looking ahead to this project.

Green Lantern Justice League
Trademark Owner Info on EUIPO.

Aside from that, we can also see the owners, and no surprises here. The only question left is when they will turn this into a game. DC has already shown us Green Lantern in some amazing games. Off the top of our heads, Injustice is the top contender. However, the game has many characters. So Green Lantern hardly got the attention.

Even in the film industry, the Green Lantern movie we had is considered a joke. So DC should make their move at improving this character. If you did not know, DC is one of the largest and oldest Comic book publishers in the world.

If you are unaware of what a trademark is, any word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these things that identifies your goods or services is called a trademark. It’s how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors.

Other than that, all we can do is wait for it to happen. In the meantime, if you have any questions or speculations, do let us know below!

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