Tencent Files Trademark For ‘BY THE GODS!’

Tencent has held a special place in fans’ hearts for many years with unique projects, and one of the primary reasons they have stayed relevant is the endless innovation of new and varied content over the years. Tencent produced multiple noteworthy franchises, including  PUBG, League Of  Legends, COD: Mobile, Arena of Valor, and so much more.

The franchise is always looking for its next big hit, which we discussed recently. It has kept itself connected over the years by rarely taking any break between new pieces of content.

Fans who want even more from Tencent may be in good luck, as a new trademark that did not flee our sharp eyes suggests a possible new game could be in development.

Tencent Files Trademark
The Trademark

The latest Trademark covers the name BY THE GODS!  It relates to “game software” for “computers, video game players, electronic and wireless devices.” indicating that a possible new game could be in the works.

It is not unusual for companies to file trademarks. A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. It’s how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors.

Since Tencent releases multiple projects yearly, they recently announced their upcoming AAA title Code: To Jin Yong, and if this new Trademark “BY THE GODS!” turns out to be a new Ip, it will not be startling.

Tencent fans will likely want to keep an eye out for what comes next. While it’s far from confirmed, the timing of the Trademark’s appearance has sparked hope that we could see a new game, and the community must be brimming with excitement.

That is it from us. Please let us know your thoughts on the Trademark in the comments below, and we will keep you updated.