Unfortunately Guardian Tales Excludes Cross-Save For The Switch

Guardian Tales, an action role-playing-centric game developed at the hands of kong Studios and Kakao Games, set out to be the differentiating force in a gaming space otherwise filled with the usual genres. The recent launch date has not stopped the game’s rise to success, with Kong Studios earning a staggering 100 million dollars from the game’s 10-plus million downloads.

Expanding Support

Recent news regarding the developer’s decision to finally port the game over to the Nintendo Switch left the community joyous.

Not only does this add to the otherwise deserted genre of role-playing action games on the Nintendo Switch, but it also gives fans more reason to try out the experience in a more handheld portable fashion.

Gist Of The Article

  • Guardian Tales’ rise to early success
  • The game is being ported over to the Nintendo Switch
  • Cross-save will not be an option for the Switch

Shortcoming Of The Port

While the announcement has left the vast majority of the community fairly satisfied, it seems that the decision to bring over the game to the handheld console has not been without shortcomings. A recent interaction between a curious fan and the official Guardian Tales account, spotted by TopTierList, has shed some more light on this.

Cross-Save In Essence

Cross-Save is one of the most salient features that a game can support. The ability to seamlessly carry over accounts along with the progress across a range of devices makes for a life-saving feature should a device go haywire. It also provides the utmost convenience to the end user, i.e., the gamer themselves.

It seems, however, that the added luxury of such a feature will not make its way to the Nintendo Switch. Guardian Tales’ response leaves more to be desired. Fans haven’t been left pleased by the studio, understandably, with some calling it a missed opportunity while the folks over at Reddit here have expressed further disappointment.

Concluding Remarks

What is your take on the decision? Will this move be termed a deal-breaker by long-time players? It seems to have taken away what could otherwise be a very convenient feature for the game. Let us know in the comments down below.

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