Fans Have Found Ways to Make Halo Infinite Fun with Forge

Halo Infinite has been under great fire due to the state of the game. Even the dedicated players have started turning their heads away from the game. There are many reasons, but the biggest one is the lack of content. It has come to the point where the players themselves are trying to make the game fun with their creativity.

That is precisely what we will be talking about, as some veterans have used the new Halo Infinite‘s Forge to their advantage. If you are unfamiliar with Forge, it is a level editor developed by 343 Industries and Bungie for the Halo series. The result is very inspiring; take a look!

Desert Biome Using Forge

Twitter user Infinite Forges is a dedicated Level Artist for Gearbox. He is well-versed in the concepts and has brought us this beautiful desert biome in Halo Infinite. As these are not available in the game itself, it is weird to see how well the environment is integrated.

Barely anything is out of place, and if you show it to a Halo player who has no idea about the possibilities of Forge, he might even think this is a leak from their new game, and no, there is no rumour or leak about a new game in development.

Moreover, he also said in a later tweet that:

I’m going to try and forge a believable winter environment next.

We can expect great things from Infinite Forges as he continues to build more such designs. On the other hand, another person is creating something that may seem impossible at first glance.

Halo Infinite Battle Royale

YouTuber Skisma posted a video explaining the project he’s working on. He did the impossible and created a functional drop pod in Halo Infinite using Forge. However, this is still the first and most crucial step.

It adds a new “mechanic” to the game, which is very impressive. If the project goes as smoothly and perfectly as the first step, this can be on par with some of the battle royale games we currently have. Halo is one of the top-rated franchises, and this can be a chance to combine battle royale and Halo lovers.

Forge Creating Endless Possibilities

Even after losing hope in Halo InfiniteForge is the only thing that can save the game. Once Forge is complete, it can be the new face of this game. It might become the sole reason people play this game in the future.

Forge is set to have its open beta on Halo Infinite in November, but fans have found ways to use it. The possibilities seem endless and only limited by your imagination. Drop your ideas on what you want to make in Halo Infinite Forge, and we will share ours with you!

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