Dr Disrespect Is Interested In Making a Halo Infinite Forge Project

Many gamers have come across the Halo franchise. It doesn’t matter if you have played a game or only heard of it; it’s almost impossible to get away from that part of the community since it is one of the most beloved video game series.

Although their latest game Halo Infinite fails to hit the mark, many fans still hold on to the faint hope of enjoying the game, mainly through Halo Infinite Forge. Forge is a level editor developed by Bungie and 343 Industries that allows you to create game modes, maps, or even objects in Halo.

It is the ultimate tool and perhaps the only thing that gives Halo Infinite some value, as it suffers from a significant lack of content. We won’t even begin on the myriad of bugs and issues that persist within the game. 

Dr Disrespect, one of the most popular online personalities, further ignited that hope by stating that if the community wanted, he could design something on Forge. He believes that if that is what the community would love, he can be a part of such a project. Our team at TopTierList also found some exciting tweets that supported his claims and tried to raise as much awareness as possible by connecting both the Forgers and Dr Disrespect.

Major Points

  • Dr Disrespect wants to create something on Halo Infinite Forge for the community to enjoy.
  • Due to his reputation, many fans have started spreading the clip to show how much the community would appreciate that.
  • Some even offered to help him contact Forgers, as Dr Disrespect would only need to visualize the project and use his influence/resources to build something big.

The popular streamer stated in a clip that he would love to bring something on paper and have someone art it. He would be the one to visualize a barebone structure of the game, and with the help of skillful developers, or experienced Forgers, perhaps something great can be made.

Dr Disrespect has already made a name in the community by announcing his AAA game studio, Midnight Society. He announced his studio at the end of 2021 and has begun teasing his first Vertical Extraction Shooter (VES) game, Deadrop.

As he influences the gaming community, not to mention his resources, building something on Halo Infinite Forge would not be a big deal for Dr Disrespect. We have already seen some of the most fantastic Forge designs by independent Forgers, and perhaps with the streamer’s help, the community would finally get what they have longed for.

Twitter User Rebs Gaming, one of the most notable figures in the Halo Twitter community, tweeted how he can help him get in contact with many talented Forgers. These skillful people work hard on doing their own projects, and if a streamer of that scale is involved, surely the result would be grand.

Dr Disrespect is passionate about video game development, and creating something for the Halo Infinite community might also be a good marketing move for his upcoming game. Many people love the streamer and have given their all to the above-embedded tweets to bring it to his attention.

We can only hope something magnificent is born from this collaboration and Halo Infinite Forge gets to live on through the project. What are your thoughts on Dr Disrespect’s statement? Do you think a grandiose project like this is possible under the influence of the streamer? Let us know what you think below, and we will get back to you!

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