Artist Reveals Concept Art From the Canceled MMO Hyperspace

The artist revealed some concept art, along with the news of project's cancelation.

Almost a year ago, the play-to-earn MMO game by Carbon Based Lifeforms studio called Hyperspace was announced. It was a free-to-play game set in a space-based Sandbox. The potential was immense for the game, and so was the hype. Unfortunately, our team at TopTierList stumbled upon a series of concept art revealed by an artist, who stated that the project had been canceled until further notice.

We can argue there is still some small hope for the game, as hinted by “until further notice.” However, we can’t say anything for sure. The game will most likely stay canceled since we rarely hear of a project coming back from the dead.

Aside from the unfortunate news, the artist shared some fantastic concept art, leaving us to ask for more on the project. The game’s premise showed great potential, but perhaps the studio has other plans for the future.

Major Points

  • According to an artist, who worked on Carbon Based Lifeforms’ Hyperspace, the project has been canceled until further notice.
  • The NDA was lifted, likely due to the cancelation, so he could finally share some concept art in his portfolio.
  • It is unclear when exactly the project was canceled, but it will most likely stay this way.

Carbon Based Lifeforms announced their first project, Hyperspace, almost a year ago. The studio had initial funding of £1.75 million in late 2021, so this was set up as their first passion project.

Hyperspace was a free-to-play Sci-Fi MMO game within a space-based Sandbox. It was set in an open and original universe, giving the players much freedom to choose their own playstyle, perhaps something like Minecraft. You could be a galaxy explorer, a high-tech engineer, or a straight-up rogue outlaw breaking the intergalactic laws.

You could choose between one of eight different races to play, each with its own lore and culture in the vaster universe. As you can expect, each race promoted a different playstyle, making it much more immersive. Therefore, the game showed much promise and was highly anticipated, especially for the play-to-earn aspect.

The studio’s founder, Theo Priestley, stated, “Typically, a play-to-earn game involves a token, and what that means is that you have to buy into that token to start playing the game, so there’s an upfront cost or investment. As the token value increases, so does the buy-in cost for your average gamer… There’s no financial barriers for anyone to play this game. You could play this game for free and enjoy it for free, and never engage with the P2E aspects.

Unfortunately, the project seems to have been canceled. According to artist Josh James on ArtStation, the NDA has been lifted, so he can now share some of his work for Carbon Based Lifeforms’ Project Hyperspace.

Hyperspace Game
Hyperspace Concept Art #1
Sci-Fi Hyperspace
Hyperspace Concept Art #2
Hyperspace Game Canceled
Hyperspace Concept Art #3
Space MMO Game
Hyperspace Concept Art #4
Hyperspace MMO Canceled Game
Hyperspace Concept Art #5
Starfield Alternative Game
Hyperspace Concept Art #6

These are just some of the many concept arts he shared on his profile. They look stunning and show the beautiful aesthetics we could have expected from the game. Surprisingly, this was the artist’s first venture into Sci-Fi, which turned out great.

He shared some of his experience with this project and how it was highly ambitious for almost everyone working there. However, he stated, “In the end, this project was canceled until further notice.” Though the reasons for this are unclear, we can admit there are very slight chances of this project coming.

The studio had spent many resources on this project, and perhaps they took a break from development to return to it later. However, it seems unlikely as the NDA has been lifted, and the artist has let go of the project, so others involved in the project probably did the same.

Even though the project is canceled, the concept still exists, and perhaps it can be made under a different banner at a later stage. For now, all we can do is appreciate the team’s hard work, and share the beautiful work they did, as these are some of the best concept art we have seen in a while.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts on the studio canceling Hyperspace? Do you think they should reconsider their decision, or should another studio work with this kind of concept? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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