Konami Hiring Recruits for In-House Team for Silent Hill

Konami Group Corporation, one of the leading entertainment industries from Japan, is an umbrella corporation for the gaming side of the Konami production house. They also manage the production and distribution of anime, trading cards, slot machines, and arcade cabinets. The name Konami has quickly become a staple in Japan and foreign lands, thanks in large to the gaming studio.

A Buzz Around Konami

Recent months have seen the production company in the spotlight for more reasons. From dropping teasers regarding upcoming projects, most notably silent hill, to old names returning to the team, the studio has been a huge talking point in the industry.

Silent Hill Artwork showcase
Silent Hill

Silent Hill, formally released in 1999, kick-started the idea of horror-centric survival story-based games and has been touted by many as one of the main titles to bring horror genres to the mainstream gaming industry. Published by Konami, the game had sold over 9 million copies up until 2019, an impressive feat considering the lack of interest in the horror genre.

Prominent Features Of The Article

  • Konami has cemented its name in the industry mainly due to the silent hill series.
  • Recent times have had Konami at the center of the rumor mill for quite some time.
  • It seems that recruitment is ongoing for a team working on Silent Hill.

An In-House Silent Hill Game, Fans React

It’s been a minute since a leak surrounding Konami or the silent hill series. Alas, that may change as we may have the latest scoop regarding the ongoing production of the silent hill series.

The tweet, by the Konami career Twitter handle and loosely translated to English, reads the need for experienced and creative minds to take charge of the production of an in-house silent hill game at Konami. Exciting news for fans, indeed. It will be interesting to see the development path of a title as major as silent hill have its reins taken over by budding developers.

Public opinion seems to mirror the opinion shown above. Including new, bright talent in the production team, while seemingly risky, also brings huge benefits to the table. Fans anticipate the surge in new talent coupled with existing well-established talents to produce a result fitting the series.  

A thread regarding the announcement, listed by user velphegor666, further elaborates and depicts the public reaction to the news alongside a string of theories and opinions. A comment underneath the thread helps us unpack the recent development further, providing an insight into the workings of the studio.

The above listing, displayed in a lot more detail, shows the extent to which Konami will do justice to the series. While better from a workload perspective, outsourcing has many factors going against it. Hence, it seems right for Konami not to risk outsourcing work and relying on another team.

Possible Return Of An Old Friend

Surrounding the rumor mill that has plagued the silent hill series, it must be apt to mention one of the larger and more exciting rumors on the minds of trusty fans worldwide. An article written by us at TopTierList, mentions the possible return of Masahiro Ito to the silent hill franchise.

For those unaware, he is a designer and illustrator best known for his work as a monster designer in the first three games. Since then, he has taken on a support role in the development team before retracting from the studio recently. Recent speculations may suggest that his hiatus from the series may be coming to a close.

This is just one of the countless leaks regarding the game. Another momentous moment for the industry, amidst leaks surrounding A Plague Requiem, was the leaking of silent hill game roster names due to a live stream.

Concluding Remarks

With the speculation only picking up steam from here, who knows what else may be revealed about the game earlier than anticipated? What part of the series is exciting you the most? Do you think the benefits of an in-house production team outweigh the negatives? Let us know down below.