Masahiro Ito Making a Comeback In Upcoming Silent Hill Games

Silent Hill — A horror video game franchise that has brought us many titles, each being iconic and near-perfect in their own rights. The series has popularized some horror elements, like fog, to limit the characters’ vision, which we see being commonly used in almost any horror game. 

Konami developed and published the series, with the first four titles made by an internal group known as Team Silent. Team Silent is a development staff within the former Konami subsidiary Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo.

The later games were developed by different Western developers, which can be seen in their appearance. The series became so popular that it expanded to films and spin-offs. If you are a fan of the franchise, then you must know Masahiro Ito, the man that is the reason behind many of the things we love in Silent Hill games.

Masahiro Ito’s Work In Silent Hill

Before explaining the importance of his comeback in upcoming Silent Hill titles, you must know what he has given us in the past. He is a designer and illustrator who is best known for his work as a monster designer in the first three games.

He joined Team Silent back in 1997 and is perhaps the only member of Team Silent that has been in touch with his Western fans. He is proficient in English and uses Twitter often, which helps him update the fans on his current projects.

Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head Designed by Masahiro Ito.

As he was the creature design and environment design director in the early three games, his work has become very notable. So, his return to the upcoming games can attract a vast portion of the Western fanbase.

Major Points

  • Masahiro Ito has started a countdown to the Silent Hill Event, hinting at his involvement in the games that will be revealed during the event.
  • In 2020, Masahiro mentioned that he is a core member of an upcoming title, although it was unclear whether it was a Silent Hill game. He refused to give further information.
  • His involvement does not necessarily mean that we will see the iconic characters returning, but we might see the birth of many new monsters on par with his earlier works.

Masahiro Ito’s Twitter Countdown

Masahiro has started tweeting the hours remaining till the Silent Hill Event, and it has riled up the Western fans with excitement since he can be one of the sole reasons the upcoming games will turn out well.

Silent Hill is famous, but the recent rumors about the studios working on upcoming titles have made some fans skeptical about whether they will do a good job or not. However, Masahiro’s involvement as a core member can negate all those concerns.

It should be noted that many of the things regarding Silent Hill are not confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt, but the event is coming soon, which will ensure everything.

How Masahiro Ito Can Make Silent Hill Perfect

Masahiro Ito said long ago that he does not plan on reusing Pyramid Head. He made Pyramid Head to drive the character development of James, and his purpose became irrelevant in the later titles. In the same tweet, when someone asked him if he planned to reuse the Nurses, he said he would design a new one.

So, his love for making new monsters is real, and since most of his creatures are not only driven by horror aspects but also the meaning they bring to the game, his upcoming work will also be something to look forward to.

Masahiro Ito Silent Hill
Masahiro Ito, The Creature Designer of Silent Hill Games.

Masahiro Ito is one of the designers who does not make a monster for the sake of horror features. Instead, his creatures carry a simple design, the way they are made, and the part they play in the game, which adds psychological horror/thriller to the games.

Final Thoughts

Most of what we have said does come from what Masahiro said in a tweet over two years ago. He announced that he was a core member in an upcoming title but refused to tell what exactly it is or if it even is a horror title. However, with the latest tweets showing his impatience and creating hype towards the Silent Hill Event connected those dots.

What do you think his involvement will be like? Do you think we can expect some more iconic monsters, or will Masahiro Ito mostly reuse older designs? More importantly, what else do you think we can expect in the Silent Hill Event? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will discuss them with you!

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