Rocksteady’s Dev Deactivates Account After Backlash From Fans

Lee Devonald is currently serving as the Senior Character Technical Artist at Rocksteady, an offshoot of the Batman: Arkham studio, which falls under common ownership; of WB Games. The studio has recently been receiving flack for its upcoming game, Gotham Knights, for promising a lot but looking like they are likely to under-deliver.

Being a dev, or any employee of a large game studio, one must follow a set, unspoken code of conduct surrounding their online presence. Failure to properly respect such a code of conduct can result in serious consequences and flack from an online audience, the last thing you would want when you have a new game launching soon.

Another Controversy In The Gaming Space

With A Plague Requiem gameplay leak, the infamous GTA 6 leak, and now some rather strongly opinionated comments from a senior developer on the Xbox Series S and Gotham Knights, the gaming space has seen its fair share of controversy in the past weeks.

It was only natural for the developer to support their project. But to come out and defame the platform on which they releasing what already looks to be an underwhelming game is something that not many saw coming. The attack on the console seems to be a rebuttal of confirmation that the new Gotham Knights game will be locked at 30 fps, something we discussed here at TopTierList.

Major Pointers

  • Lee Devonald serves as the Senior Character Technical Artist at Rocksteady.
  • Tensions have been high regarding the upcoming Gotham Knights release.
  • Dev blasts the Series S for its lackluster performance. The cause of Gotham Knights’ poor performance.
  • Lee Devonald was forced to delete Twitter amidst heightened controversy and backlash.

Why His Comments Are Likely Unwarranted

The Series S served as the gateway for many into the realm of competitive console gaming without breaking the bank. Its purpose was to act as a median between the top-of-the-line Series X and be better than the last generation of consoles it was replacing.

Xbox Series S showcase
Xbox Series S

The result? A console that was capable of 4k gaming, stable framerates, and a sleek design appreciated by many while still managing to feel like its older, more expensive brother. The unique selling point, the price, aided in sales as it opened up gaming for people who could not afford the full-blown Series X.

Dev Deactivates Twitter

Despite the rather decisive standpoint that he had adopted, Lee Devonald has seemingly deactivated his Twitter space.

We can assume a couple of things with this. The most obvious answer to this would be the backlash the fans were treating him to. I mean, when you brush the failing of your own game under the rug and use a console as a means of excusing yourself, then the fans are justified.

Going deeper into the neck of the woods, perhaps he has deactivated it because of bad publicity. Gotham Knights have already managed to dull the hopes of anticipating gamers worldwide with their announcements about the 30 fps cap. Plunging the game in further controversy thanks to the dev in question only adds to the difficulties ensuring the game’s successful launch.

The comment section is awash with theories mainly supporting the latter possibility; the bad pr and outwardness likely caused conflict with the higher-ups.

Concluding Remarks

The Series S has received a host of titles and software updates in its lifespan. Judging from the current outlook, do you think that the Series S gaming sometimes seems to be neutered? Has it successfully served its purpose of being the cheaper, more accessible console to lessen the gap between gamers?

Furthermore. With Gotham Knights around the corner, do you feel like the 30 fps cap is a limiting factor because of the Series S? Or has a case of optimization from the games front led to an excuse by developers to use the limitations of the console as the reason? Let us know down below.