New Details Leaked on Halo Infinite’s Cut Content

It sucks when a studio promises some content but doesn’t quite deliver on that promise. We have all been there, it’s almost like false marketing, but we are not pointing any fingers here. In fact, we will discuss some of the content that was apparently cut from the Halo Infinite game.

We have talked about some of it before, but since there was a lot of material scrapped, more stuff keeps coming out. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it as we have a lot to cover!

Promethean Units

Halo Leaks is one of the most credible Halo content leakers in the Halo Twitter community. They recently also posted about The Falcon that might potentially be drivable. This time they have shown many things, the first of which is the Promethean Knight. Although it is possible that these were Halo 5 leftovers, it is still cut content nonetheless.

The Promethean Knights seem to be of a good size and pretty strong from their design. While we can’t see the minute details of their design, we can still see the outlines. It is a shame we didn’t see it, as there are other soldiers coming up that would work well with these Knights.

The Promethean Soldiers are the smaller units of the Prometheans. They are pretty agile and could be difficult to deal with when in bulk. Imagine a bunch of these with some Promethean Knights leading them; now that would be a fun challenge.

The Crusher and Skimmer

Let’s move on to the Crusher, and check out the cut voice lines of Skimmers.

Now we are in some dangerous territory. The Crusher, as the name suggests, is a deadly beast and is really tanky. Some of you may be relieved he is not in the game because dealing with this dude is not child’s play. It will take at least 12 rockets to kill it. Now that’s a lot of damage.

Here’s an interesting bit, there are rumors that these beasts were removed due to being “unfun” to play against. It may be true to some extent, but there are ways Halo can turn this around. It can be a gameplay mechanic as well as an enemy. We are saying they can do that because this beast’s development is far more complete than anyone else on this list.

How so? Because there’s a model of him without armor, and he also has a voice, or more like a scream.

If you think his health comes from the armor, think again, he is still tanky without the armor. He can still take a rocket like a champ. Interestingly, we can see the details clearly here, and it feels like the rumors are true. 343 scrapped this because it is a mindless beast who not only does too much damage but also soaks too much.

Earlier, when we said “gameplay mechanic,” we meant that 343 could make it so that we first damage some joints to remove his armor, leaving him way less tanky (if they further lessen its health). But that’s just one of the many ideas.

For some people, they are also known asΒ Gasgira. Many others think they are different as there are some anatomical differences. Gasgira or not, these are some of the voice lines that were cut from the game. We could have seen them in the game if they were kept as is.


The forgotten animal that was revealed 4 years ago but never mentioned again.

Last but not least, remember this Rhino from the E3 2018? Well, we were supposed to see it in the game, but there’s no sign. It’s a shame since it would have been a good wildlife animal. Unless they showed it off to boast the capabilities of their engine (which is highly unlikely), we should have gotten it in the game.

For those who don’t know about the game, it follows the story of “Master Chief,” a super-soldier fighting the “Banished” on Zeta Halo, a ringworld. Halo Infinite is the 6th installment in the franchise and the 3rd in “Reclaimer Saga.” It was developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios.

That’s all for the cut content. Who knows, we might see some of it coming in the upcoming campaigns of Halo or later seasons of Infinite. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on these; what do you think is one thing you would pick from here for adding in-game? Let us know below!

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