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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the upcoming RPG video games in the Pokémon franchise. They were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Switch. The games were expected to delay due to the Ukraine-Russia war but fortunately, they will be released in the near future.

There have been many confirmed and suspicious leaks about the game. Most of these stem from the fact that drawing concept art of fictional Pokémons is surprisingly easy and anyone can make a fake rumor. However, we bring you a leak from a credible source, so get your popcorn ready and put those cheeks on the seats.

These leaks were originally posted in Japanese. A Pastebin user simply translated them, so take some information with a grain of salt as some of it may not be translated well. However, most of it is confirmed by Riddler Khu. He is a credible source who has leaked the vast majority of Pokémon leaks.

Confirmed Pokémons in the Game

These are some of the Pokemons who are expected to be in the game:

  • Sunflora is in
  • Goodra is in
  • Komala is in (Komala has no evolution)
  • Rotom is in
  • Houndour is in
  • Skwovet is in
  • Weezing is in
  • Dunsparce is in
  • Garchomp is in
  • 400+ pokemon in regional dex
  • 4 semi legendaries in the game
  • Misdreavus is in the game
  • Murkrow is in
  • Gogoat is in
  • Wigglytuff is in
  • Amoonguss is in

Many of the familiar Pokémon will return in the game, which is good news for some old players. Newer players can also get some gaming history by getting to know these Pokémon.

Unconfirmed Pokémon

These are some of the unconfirmed Pokemons:

  • No new whale pokemon
  • No new shark pokemon
  • Not all Hisuian pokemon are here
  • Woobat is not in the game
  • 1G-8G starters are NOT in the game
  • Milotic is not in
  • Joltik is not in
  • Toucannon is not in
  • Aipom is not in the game
  • Lugia and Ho-Oh are not in the game with a new form
  • Furfrou is not in the game
  • Beedrill is not in
  • No evolution for Golduck
  • No evolution for Sunflora
  • No evolution for Delibird
  • Komala has no evolution
  • No new eeveelution
  • Nothing new for Dodrio
  • No peacock pokemon
  • Bidoof is not in
  • Applin is not in

We won’t see Pokémon like Sharpedo or Wailord. There won’t be any Pokémon forms from the Hisui region, like Growlithe or Voltorb. The Hisui form was introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. A lot of Pokémon from this list will not make an appearance in the game.

Similarly, many of them will not receive an evolved form (I guess we will have to wait longer for that).

New Pokémon

These are some of the new Pokemons that will feature for the first time in a videogame:

  • New dolphin pokemon
  • Dunsparce has an evolution
  • Dunsparce evolution doesn’t fly
  • Fuecoco evolution looks like an alligator
  • Sprigatito evolution is soso cute
  • Girafarig has an evolution
  • Pawmi has an evolution
  • No new fossil
  • Koraidon and Miraidon don’t have 5 forms
  • Fuecoco final evolution does NOT look like a snake (RIP the fire starter theory)
  • New flamingo pokemon
  • He replied “Half yes half no” to “Is the champion female ?”.
  • Fuecoco doesn’t have a skull on its final evolution
  • A gen 5 pokemon gets a new evolution
  • Murkrow has a (new?) evolution
  • Wooper has a regional form (poison – ???)
  • Wooper has a new evolution
  • Sprigatito has something special
  • Kaka said, “What about a pokemon with a hammer ?”
  • No furret pokemon
  • Tauros has a new
  • Wooper evolution has a different color
  • The weird and green new Amoonguss is NOT an Amoonguss, it’s a new pokemon (probably what Khu called rfake)
  • Vampire Jigglypuff is not a dragon type
  • Wooper evolution looks similar to its beta but the color is different

Other than that, we will see many new Pokémon; evolutions of already-existing, and some upcoming Pokémon. There will also be a dolphin and flamingo Pokémon. Something very interesting here is how they are revisiting some older concepts and Pokémon for a change.

Story / Gameplay

There won’t be any mega evolution or a new Pokeball. The game will have three cities and nine towns; the region’s name will be Pardea or Paldea in English. As we found recently, Pokémon can now time warp; however, the players can not.

The story itself is really great and emotional, so prepare some tissues. The side quests are sub-stories, which are excellent for adding depth to the game. There will be 8 Gym Leaders, and no, the professors are not villains.

The game will have a DLC, and there are three routes to finish the ending. The game will take an average person 60 hours to finish. If you love cosmetics, you can customize your face and wear many school outfits.

As for older characters, don’t expect them to make an appearance. Moreover, the Pokémon may be different in Scarlet and Violet, and some may have past and future forms. You can also catch Pokémon while riding; the only two Pokémon you can ride are Miraidon and Koraidon.

It is also possible to climb and swim with those two Pokémon; You can fly, but it is unclear how.

Sneak Peek of Pokémon

Here is a list of Pokémon with some blurred images.

Amoonguss Form (rfake?).
JIgglypuff (rfake?).
Lechonk Evolution.
flying pokemon
Flamingo Pokemon
Sprigatito evo
Sprigatito Evolution.
Quaxly pokemon
Quaxly Final Evolution or Gimmick.
Quaxly evo
Quaxly Evolution.

Some of these images were leaked before on Twitter. But their appearance here adds further credibility to them, even more so as we know what Pokémon they are.

Other than that, this Pastebin contains many minor changes and a Q/A from the leaker, which you can check out if you are interested. If you have any questions, let us know and we will get back to you!

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