Mario Kart 8 DLC Confirms Leaked Future Courses

Mario Kart 8 is a kart racing game published by Nintendo. The game made its first appearance for Wii U in May 2014. It became widely successful due to retaining the same game mechanics as earlier installments.

The game allows the players to control a character from the Mario franchise in kart racing. You can also hinder others and gain an advantage by collecting certain items. Moreover, Mario Kart 8 introduced anti-gravity driving on ceilings and walls. You can also bump into other players and gain a short boost.

The game has multiple modes, including single-player and multiplayer, and online through the Nintendo Network. It has been one of the most successful franchises, primarily due to each game’s vast success. Players have loved their updates and additions, including the tracks, graphics, gameplay, and terrific soundtrack.

However, it also received some criticism in the limited battle mode. Nevertheless, it is Wii U’s best-selling game. Over time, Nintendo has continued to add additional content to the game, the latest being the Wave 2 announcement.

The tracks introduced in this wave included Kalimari Desert from N64 Mario Kart, Waluigi Pinball from the DS, Mario Circuit 3 from SNES, New York Minute, and Sydney Sprint from Mario Kart Tour, and last but not least, Snow Land from the GBA. They added that the Sky-High Sundae would come to Mario Kart Tour later.

This is wave 2 of the total 6, and Nintendo is to bring 48 new tracks in total to the game. These are twice as high as when the game launched in 2017. But do you know what the Next Booster Course Pass Cups are? Worry not because we got you!

Four waves are left, each of which should have the following ones.

Wave 3

  • Rock Cup: Tour, DS, GBA, 3DS
  • Moon Cup: Tour, GCN, Unlabelled, 3DS

Wave 4

  • Fruit Cup: Tour, Wii, DS, Unlabelled
  • Boomerang Cup: Tour, GCN, GBA, Tour

Wave 5

  • Feather Cup: Tour, Wii, GBA, Tour
  • Cherry Cup: Tour, GCN, SNES, Unlabelled

Wave 6

  • Acorn Cup: Tour, Wii, Unlabelled, Unlabelled
  • Spiny Cup: Tour, GCN, Unlabelled, Wii

The order of these may not be precise, but it is the most accurate thing we can provide. These were data-mined previously, and so far, they have predicted wave 2. Each of these is likely to be similar to Ninja Hideaway in being a Tour track, meaning that it is either not based on a real place or is new like Sky-High Sundae coming soon to Tour.

Moreover, it is also possible that they would add a brand new category or make tracks exclusively for the pass, but there is no confirmation. Let us know your thoughts on these, and we will discuss them with you below!

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