New Trademark Hints at a Potential Megamind Game

Megamind started our love for villains. Before that, “likable villains” was not much of a thing. Even then, the movie is heavily underrated compared to other animated films of that time. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten much attention even outside of the film industry either. So far, the franchise has only had one game called “Megamind: Ultimate Showdown.”

The game did well and was released on various platforms. On Wii, it is called “Megamind: Mega Team Unite,” and on PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS, it is called “Megamind: The Blue Defender.”

The game had a story of its own, which goes as follows, “Now that Megamind has become Metro City’s hero, a new threat emerges. A group of villains known as Doom Syndicate has taken Megamind and Metro Man’s DNA. Megamind now must save the city once again”.

However, a game from 2010 can only do so much now. It is a fact that the movie deserves another game, one that keeps up with the latest gaming tech. Fortunately, that seems possible now, as a new trademark has surfaced.

Megamind new game
The Trademark Filed on EUIPO.

Our eagle eyes caught this today, and with the bit of information that is currently put forward, we can see this is for a new game. The thing that makes this more plausible is the concreteness of the leak. This is not a rumor; the official information can be found here.

Moreover, it occurs frequently when a new IP is about to come out. The companies file for a trademark, and most of the time, it is carried out sooner or later. If you are unaware of what a trademark is, any word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these things that identifies your goods or services is called a trademark. It’s how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors.

Now that we know what a trademark is, “Megamind Returns” will likely be the game’s official name. It also ignites the fire for the potential revival of the franchise. So, maybe if the game is successful enough, we will see more sequels to not just the game but also the movie. For now, we still need to wait on the game’s premise and how much of a project this will be.

Until then, most of the information is up for speculation. What do you think they will do with this game? They can make a stand-alone story like the previous game or maybe adapt the movie into a game. Nonetheless, it will be exciting to see.

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