Record Breaking Metal Slug Attack Announces End Of Service

Often, the key to greatness lies in the simplicity of things. Such can be considered the case for the Metal Slug series, a Japanese run-and-gun game developed by Nazca Corporation before its merger with SNK. The series falls under the gacha gaming side of things.

A Prominent Legacy Of The Series

The easy-to-run and grasp mechanics, engaging gameplay, and constant sense of action made for a series that gamers worldwide would find hard to forget. The induction of the series in 1996 saw the beloved Metal Slug titles cherished by many and disliked by few. 

Metal Slug Attack gameplay showcase
Metal Slug Attack Gameplay

The purists of the series highly regarded the decision to port Metal Slug over to the portable platform in the form of Metal Slug Attack. It gave the ease of accessibility to millions to experience what the game stood for and what it meant to be part of the franchise.

The Crux Of The Matter

  • The Metal Slug series won the hearts of the gacha gaming community and gamers worldwide.
  • Often considered the backbone of gaming in the late 90s and early 2000s.
  • Metal Slug Attack is ending service in 2023.
  • Set a record in the AppStore.
  • More worrying news for Metal Slug series fans.

Metal Slug Attack Comes To An End

Whether we like it or not, every popular game franchise eventually sees its ultimate demise into oblivion. Much to our heart’s discontent, Metal Slug Attack has gone down that path.

Metal Slug Attack officail evidence
Metal Slug Attack Announcement

One of the most gut-wrenching announcements to come in recent news. While the game is still supported until mid-January 2023, it is a shame that we are aware of its upcoming demise at the back of our heads. It’s a shame considering the dying breed of gacha gaming has lost yet another gemstone from its arsenal.

Setting The Record

Before the likes of candy crush and townhall, games that dominate the mobile marketplace, Metal Slug Attack managed to set off on a trajectory unheard of in its time. Twenty-two million copies of the game were downloaded, making it the most popular and sought-after game of its time. That record, despite being broken, still holds its own as an impressive feat.

The Fans Reaction

The announcement has had an impact on the community as of now, especially the gacha gaming community.

METAL SLUG ATTACK announces end of service on January 12 2023 from gachagaming

Reddit user notAnAce managed to start a thread surrounding the official announcement. The reaction has been pretty uniform. At the same time, fans were expecting one of the once titans of the gaming space to finally die down; it’s a shame that it eventually did happen.

Some users credited the sloppy management of the game modes to the game’s early demise. Ultimately it must be said that the series had probably stayed its welcome on the platform, and it was best to pull out rather than mend a sinking ship.

Further Disappointing News By Metal Slug 

As if the wounds surrounding the metal Slug Attack saga weren’t fresh enough, it appears that a further bombshell had to be thrown onto the community.

A series of tweets put out by the Metal Slug Attack twitter handle detail the termination of the service of Metal Slug Defense by April of 2023. Ouch!

The company has offered no further explanation. The tweets, translated into English, hold no more information than the announcement itself and the usual formalities thanking the community for the ongoing support for the series. 

Concluding Remarks

The string of announcements for two tiles in the Metal Slug franchise has certainly left a sense of nostalgia. It remains to be seen whether this is game over for the series or just a means to declutter the portfolio.

What is your take on this? Do you feel the game deserved to stay, or had it outstayed its welcome? Share some of your nostalgic memories with us regarding the game down below!

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