“Justice for Mick” Escalates Amidst Doom Composer’s Allegations

Doom Eternal, a game released over 2-years ago, has been trending recently, but for horrifying reasons. Mick Gordon, the composer that worked on the fantastic soundtrack of Doom Eternal, made a lengthy statement revealing his side of the story and replying to an old thread by Id Software that made Mick seem like a bad composer.

In short, the Reddit post claimed that Mick Gordon had delayed the soundtrack and even underdelivered, which forced Id to find assistance in the hands of their Lead Audio Designer. Although we can’t fully explain the details of the old thread as it’s not only very long but contains a lot of misinformation, as mentioned by Mick Gordon.

Doom Eternal contains some of the best OSTs and elevates the game’s experience. However, even the best things seem to have a dark secret hidden behind some curtains. But Mick has unveiled it for the fans, which has escalated the call for “Justice for Mick.”

Mick Gordon Allegations
Reddit Posts with Caption “Justice for Mick.”

Major Points

  • Doom Eternals composer Mick Gordon has made a lengthy statement to defend the false claims made against him.
  • Aside from clarifying the false claims, he even made allegations of mistreatment, which has enraged the fan base.
  • Some threads have even started talking about how Mick Gordon deserves the awards that the game received, not Id Software.

Composer Mick Gordon made a statement yesterday that debunked some false details about him. He said that he needed to defend himself amidst these false accusations. According to him, he has been mistreated and subjected to some of the most nightmarish experiences with Id Software.

To make things worse, Marty Stratton, the Director of Id Software, offered him a six-figure sum to keep things under the rug. These actions have enraged the community, and many threads can be seen in Doom’s Subreddit.

Fans have not only started the call for “Justice for Mick” but have also made many memes and expressed their concerns for what Mick Gordon is going through. Some posts have stood out with massive upvotes, talking about how Mick Gordon deserves the music awards that Doom Eternal’s soundtrack won.

It was previously believed that Mick Gordon has a big hand in the soundtrack and therefore gets to keep them. Still, according to Mick, “I was invited to perform at the Game Awards, but other than that, Id Software never invited me to collect awards in person. Marty invited himself to collect the awards on my behalf instead. It would mean a lot to have a memento of all the hard work I poured into the DOOM franchise, but as it currently stands, I doubt I’ll ever see those awards again.

Doom Eternal Composer
Mick Gordon’s Statement.

This shows how much Id Software is mistreating Mick Gordon, and something needs to be done about the situation. It also raises the question of how many other talents might be experiencing similar nightmarish treatment in the industry. Still, their voices aren’t heard due to a lack of reputation, especially since many gamers don’t look at the hard work of these people.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think Id Software will respond to these allegations? And will Mick receive those awards? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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