MultiVersus Suffers From Huge Decline in Players

Since MultiVersus was released, it had dominated the gaming charts convincingly. However, that flame quickly died out. Players and Viewers alike seem to have already forgotten about this excellent publication in a matter of a few days.

MultiVersus is an official Warner Brothers game developed by Player First Games. This game was made to rival Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise. But, this rivalry did not go far as Nintendo has already proved itself to be the real GOAT in PvP Multiplayer games.

At TopTierList, we came across the horrible downward spiral that MultiVerse is en route. Like a good old internet meme, it simply feels like the internet is done with this game once and for all.

MultiVersus definitely had a solid and convincing run but died in less than a day. I would like to take the perfect opportunity to quote Professor Heimerdinger here, “Those who shine brightest often burn fastest.” Of course, Heimerdinger said that at a moment of sorrow; I’m quoting it for comedic relief.

multiversus plaayers count
Player Count

Bland Gameplay

When perusing the reasons why MultiVersus met its end so swiftly, we saw that a good majority of the players criticized that the game was unbelievably bland. Granted, it is a multiplayer game and thrives off players. However, it failed to capture their hearts even after giving several free keys to the audience.

A key part of that criticism was that the game had poor design. Many players really did not seem to get on board with the overall foundation the game was built on. It also had several mechanical peeves, like combat which drove the players away from MultiVersus.

Additionally, another part of the player base was frustrated that WB included inappropriate characters in the game. Inappropriate characters here are characters that don’t fit the role of a fighter, like Reigndog and Fred Flintstone.

Extreme Toxicity

When the topic is about online games, then toxicity is immediately a given in that conversation. However, in the case of MultiVersus, players quote an extreme level of toxicity. Usually, this wouldn’t affect a game that much, but WB made little to no effort to stop it, which only put more nails in its coffin.

Especially considering the family-friendly roster of the game (besides a select few like Rick and Morty), it is not a game that should be even given a chance to be this toxic. All in all, it is unfortunate for WB because the idea was great. However, the execution was botched beyond comprehension.

Nintendo Supremacy

When you look at it from a statistical point of view, Multiversus seemed like an advert for Super Smash Bros., if anything. MultiVersus gave its players the drive to play games like itself. However, it drove them away just as quickly without quenching that drive. That led to these players just opting for Super Smash Bros., which seemed to have worked out great for Nintendo.

Irony aside, there may be a very high chance for WB to re-ignite the market. I hope they return because the Super Smash universe has been ongoing for a while now. Of course, bringing it back will be no easy task, given how quickly the player base is falling off. But who knows? Maybe WB has another ace up their sleeve.

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