Latest Leak Reveals a New Battlefield 2042 Map Set in Sweden

Battlefield 2042 is a AAA title published by Electronic Arts. It is especially unique because it is one of the most horrendous ratings a AAA title has seen. This is the eleventh title in the Battlefield franchise that struggled to do well from day one. It does have its pros but is mostly polluted with cons. It does have a plethora of horrible aspects, but we won’t touch on those too much. The main focus here is the maps.

The Gist of it All

  • Battlefield is one of the most poorly rated AAA first-person shooter titles.
  • A new map that is set in a factory in Sweden is being added to the game.
  • The map will be close-range and not feature any snow or night themes.

We at TopTierList spotted a tweet by @temporyal in which he revealed that a new map is being added to Battlefield 2042. The new map is described to be set in a Swedish Factory in the province of Lappland. It is an arms factory operated by Nordvik.

Nordvik is somewhat of a running easter egg in the video games, but the complete reference is a spoiler, so you will have to explore that on your own. However, let’s get back to the map.

This map is currently un-named but was previously known under the working title, “lights-out.” This was exciting news when it came out because it hinted at the possibility of this map being night-themed or very aesthetically prominent.

Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case after all. Battlefield 2042 keeps on stacking on its huge plate of disappointment. This news was not received very well either because many players were already unhappy at EA.

Firstly, the feel let down that this is another basic, indoors, the bland map we have seen about a hundred times in many first-person shooter games. Secondly, players are unhappy that it is a cramped map once again.

Battlefield new Map opinion
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Of course, when you talk about games, preference matters a lot. Some players like bigger maps, while others prefer shorter, more fast-paced maps. Even with that preference in mind, this map already seems like a huge flop.

Furthermore, if all of this was not enough bad news, it was recently announced that Battlefield 2042 would only see one new map per season, which means that we will be stuck with this map for a long time.

Chances are that if you open up a Battlefield 2042 review, it will likely talk about how open the maps are. According to most reviews, Battlefield was just a “Spray and Pray” game in which you commit, and luck decides your outcome. This map seems like it will differ just a little bit from that which does bode well for us and the game.

All in all, I agree with most of the reviews that this news is already getting. It is a bland map that shows a complete lack of innovation. However, I hope that the developers at DICE Games prove me wrong. This map may be what Battlefield needs to stand out in this competitive FPS games market. That is all for now, gamers. Take care.

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