Cod MWII Is PSN’s Most-Downloaded Games for October 2022

Averaging monumental sales post-launch, Call of Duty MWII is on track to be a record-setter in the gaming industry. Numbers are relatively straightforward however and fail to depict the wider picture. The statistics in comparison to much older titles and on last-gen consoles call for a healthy discussion.

COD MWII showcase

Modern Warfare II aims to retain its legendary Call of Duty DNA, hence following the traditional format which has previously seen large success. The 2022 first-person shooter is a sequel to the 2019 reboot, slotting itself in as the 19th installment in the Call of Duty series.

 Salient Features

  • The newly released COD MWII is Activision’s homage to its DNA.
  • The ranking of the game in sales is not as straightforward as the numbers may suggest at first glance.
  • Old titles seem to be giving the game a rather sizeable run for its money.

The string of screenshots from the official Playstation Blog captured an overview of the sales statistics so far.

Ps5 Game Ranking showcase
Ps5 Game Ranking

Crossing the 100 billion dollars in sales mark on its tenth day, it is no surprise that fans are largely adoring the new game, and it shows in the standings. Furthermore, beating out the likes of FIFA 23, Gotham Knights, and A Plague Tale: Requiem, a game subject to persistent leaks as a result of its hype, is impressive in itself.

PS4 Game Listing
PS4 Game Rank

The interesting turn in events comes in the sales figures of the game on PS4. FIFA 23 manages to slot ahead of the former game in the EU region, something that has caught some people off-guard for certain.

These figures only seem to pose more questions if anything. Like most new-gen games, they do not perform well on last-gen consoles hence it may explain the drop in standings for the game. Hence the continuing surge in popularity of a lighter game in the form of FIFA. 

What is interesting to take away from this is that GTA 5, a game that is nearly a decade old, is nearly at level pegging with MWII. It seems that the Rockstars Red Dead Redemption series is also enjoying the same level of resurgence, with a noticeable increase in concurrent players.

The same surprise is echoed in the position of Gotham Knights, a game plagued by issues that we here at TopTierList covered, which is seemingly in the top-runners for first place in a couple of scenarios. 

We believe that, apart from a few snags, the hype and success surrounding Call of Duty’s recent iteration is to be long-lived. What do you think are the reasons behind the fluctuating, and sometimes bizarre, standings? Is old really better? Let us know down below.

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