Job Listing Hints Towards Nintendo’s Next-Gen Hardware

Creatures Co., Ltd. is a Japanese video game development company. Many of you may not be aware of its existence, but it is affiliated with the renowned Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. It has assisted in developing many titles, with its most prized creation being the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

However, it seems like it may be expanding its horizon; at least, that is what one of its recent job listings suggests. According to the job listing for the 3DCG character modeler position, Creatures is looking for a talented person that can assist them in many areas. One of which happens to be “Research and development for other next-generation hardware.” But what exactly does that mean? Let’s discuss that a bit further.

Creatures' Job Listing
Creatures’ Job Listing for 3DCG Character Modeler.

Major Points

  • Creatures Co., Ltd. is looking for a 3DCG character modeler who can fulfill their software and hardware needs.
  • Although there is no explicit mention of a new Nintendo Switch, Creatures’ affiliation with Nintendo indicates that they are involved with one of their games on next-gen hardware.
  • Considering how Switch will hit its six-year mark in the spring of 2023, we can expect them to look towards the rumored next-gen.

Our hard-working team at TopTierList found the exciting details. Although there is a mention of next-gen hardware, it is also possible that they are not directly involved in making the hardware but still looking for a modeler to research it and make games ideal for the console.

The juicy details came under the section “Overview of products/services in charge,” hence why we believe it can go either way. If we take note of the other points, specifically “Pokémon-related games such as the “Pokemon Ranger” series, “Pokepark” series, and “Detective Pikachu,” they can be working on a Pokémon-related game for the next-gen console.

Since Creatures has contributed to developing many Pokémon games, it is no surprise that they would be working on upcoming titles. Still, we can’t be sure when they will announce the next-gen console (considering they are making one). But since the job listing hints at research and development of games suitable for that hardware, we can assume they have some type of prototype to test on for now.

Nintendo's Creatures Company
Creatures’ Job Description for 3DCG Character Modeler.

However, since none of it is officially confirmed by Nintendo or Creatures, take it with a grain of salt. They may be tinkering with the idea of making one but putting in the resources for its development is a big step. Despite that, it is still exciting to see Creatures working on a Pokémon game for a next-gen console.

What do you think they are cooking behind the scenes? Did we catch a glimpse of what they have in store for us? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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