NFS 2022’s Development Might Be in a Perilous State

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Need for Speed has almost always brought great titles, some surpassing our expectations. Yet, their latest title is not expected to live up to that hype. One of the primary reasons is a gameplay footage leak that occurred recently.

People found many things they did not appreciate in an NFS title and ranted everywhere. Such is the case with Need for Speed 2022, which is tragic considering how a leak somewhat devastated its development. If you are unaware, let us provide some context to the situation.

NFS 2022 Previous Leaks

Around a month ago, some leaks emerged that showed the gameplay of NFS 2022, and while some were happy to hear the news, their smiles turned upside down after watching the footage. The primary turn-off for the people was the cartoon-ish animation that not only looked unnecessary but also deviated from the main point of being an NFS title.

Need for Speed is one of the most popular franchises, and some could argue it dominates the racing games category alongside Forza Horizon. Even though the game is still developing, the leaked gameplay is not the final product. Still, many complained that the game looked nothing like an NFS title and should not even be released if it seems like that.

Well, that may or may not have affected the development. For now, we can only assume. But our team at TopTierList found a statement from the notable insider Tom Henderson, who has shown his concerns over the development progress of NFS 2022. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

Key Takeaways

  • There hasn’t been much “new information” regarding the gameplay given to Tom Henderson (source of the news) about the game.
  • As far as he knows, he is concerned about the game.
  • There may be rumors of some significant changes to what we saw before due to the vast criticism people showed.

Concerns Over NFS 2022 Development

Insiders don’t usually show concern over a game’s development, but that can change for some big titles. If risky steps or changes are made within a franchise, it can cause some to worry. But it is also likely that what we initially saw was only a fraction of it, and there are many mechanics that we didn’t see, some of which would bring the same level of criticism.

We can only assume for now as Tom Henderson did not provide further details. He is prioritizing World Rally Championship (WRC) news over NFS. So perhaps after this game, we get some more crumbs or crucial information about the game.

But do remember that they are more of an update to the game’s development and not gameplay leaks because he can not provide them.

In Conclusion

The fans showed their critical views about the footage, saying how it is trying to be appealing to a younger audience and completely disregards the loyal fans built over the years. The criticism was very one-sided as the vast majority favored those opinions. Now, it seems like that may have impacted the game’s development.

The following news we get regarding NFS 2022’s development will likely be unpleasant. While the details on that are still scarce, we can only wait for some insider news or EA official announcement. Until then, what do you think is concerning about the game’s development? And are you one of the people who found the gameplay footage bad? Let us know your thoughts, and we will get back to you!

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