Skate 4’s Exciting Latest Playtest Build Has Been Leaked

If you thought Skate 4 had enough Playtest builds leaked in the past months, think again. Another playtest build has been leaked, making it the 3rd so far. But if you still haven’t heard of this game, worry not; we will tell you.

Skate 4, now called ‘Skate’, is a free-to-play game by Electronic Arts. It has been one of the highly anticipated games this year, and while we haven’t had a concrete release date, some leaks have kept us company in making this ordeal of patience a bit easier.

There have been no confirmations whether the game will be a sequel to the ones that came before it, hence the name ‘Skate’. Despite the scarce details, it already has a following after many people saw the playtest footage.

Skate 4 Playtest Build Footage

The footage of the new playtest build was caught by the sharp eyes at TopTierList, and it was uploaded by Reddit user u/Parzalai, who also happens to be the one that leaked the previous build.

In the post, he added that the footage does not represent what is being playtested right now, as the footage is from 8/25. We can also see that the skateboard is invisible, which according to Parzalai, is likely an issue with the crack. In addition, there is not much major stuff to what we already know. There are only new locations, some bug fixes, and moves in this playtest.

Key Takeaways

  • The new leaked playtest build shows additional bugs, possibly an issue with the crack.
  • The footage does not contain anything significant to add to our previous information.
  • Some new things include new locations, bug fixes, and unique moves.

What We Knew So Far

We know from some of the previous leaks that the game offers character customization options, which were not exactly clear since there were no textures. Aside from that, the game starts with the tutorial, where players see things they can do with D-pad, such as emotes, chat, quick drop, etc. The player can then go on to perform some stunts.

The physics of the game is easy to understand; you know what tricks you can do and what you can’t. You can try to perform some stunts, but the player simply falls down if they are impossible. In addition, the game offers an open world, with various locations built for stunts and exploration. Different challenges can be seen across the map.

There is also a ‘Collabo Zone’, where players can meet in the same session and have fun together or compete.

In Conclusion

Yet another Playtest build has leaked, and it doesn’t show many major things added to the game. Perhaps what we know already is the most critical content, and we can only expect more when the release date is near. But for that, we must wait for official announcements. Until then, what do you think of the leaked playtest builds, and what can we expect in the future? Let us know below, and we will get back to you!

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