Report Suggests Nintendo Switch Online Is on Switch Successor

The leak comes from CMA's report, making it most likely true.

Amidst the entire Activision | Microsoft deal, we recently received an unexpected leak. Though it may have been insignificant to someone going through it, our team at TopTierList found an exciting detail mentioned in CMA’s recent report. The statement strongly hints that the Nintendo Switch Online game service is on Nintendo Switch’s successor.

If you didn’t know already, UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is currently investigating the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard deal. As such, they have presented many documents concerning the competition, like Sony and Nintendo.

In doing so, they may have accidentally given a critical detail. Though it doesn’t specifically mention the word Switch Successor, we don’t see what else could be referred to there. If it is true, the Virtual Console service will likely not make a comeback anytime soon, and the only way for us to access the retro games library on Nintendo Switch’s successor will be through the subscription service.

Nintendo Switch 2
CMA’s Statement In a Report.

Major Points

  • Nintendo Switch Online will likely be on the Switch successor.
  • Though there were already rumors around it, the statement from CMA has made it a most likely scenario.
  • So, the only way to enjoy retro games on Nintendo Switch’s successor will be through Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch’s successor has been in the rumors for a while now. Especially in recent months, as the topic has been brought up by many notable insiders, along with reports like the one we will be covering today. Although we don’t know when exactly it will be released, the famous Japanese site Nikkei reported that Nintendo is in talks with component suppliers. So, the Switch successor might go on sale in mid-2024.

Nevertheless, it will be sooner than we think, as Sony has started venturing into the next-gen territory. But it also means the competition will be challenging, and one of the things that will make the next Switch stand out is the hardware and the services that come along with it.

According to CMA’s recent report, “Nintendo Switch Online has been excluded from our shares as Nintendo’s cloud gaming service is very limited. Nintendo’s cloud gaming service is only available on the Nintendo Switch device and [REDACTED].

Many might think redacted can mean anything, but we believe only one thing is big enough to be mentioned here and be redacted to avoid spoiling Nintendo’s plans; Nintendo Switch’s successor. CMA went on to list down two essential features of Nintendo Switch Online as a service:

  1. Nintendo Switch Online gives gamers access to online play and cloud saving, amongst other features.
  2. We therefore see Nintendo Switch Online as predominately an online multiplayer service rather than a cloud gaming service.

While it can be argued this is a given since it only makes sense that Nintendo adds its game service to the upcoming Switch, it’s not as simple as that. The next-gen of consoles must be much different to ensure their uniqueness and value, but not so much that they become suitable only for a small group of people.

NSO Switch 2
Nintendo Switch Online.

In addition, we might not see Virtual Console service coming back anytime soon because of this. Nintendo Switch Online includes Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Advance games. So, if gamers want to enjoy retro games on Nintendo Switch’s successor, it must be through the subscription service.

Not to mention, Nintendo has been investing a lot in the accounts and overall integration. So, it only makes sense that they will ensure people can carry on their accounts to the next console, ensuring more sales in a way. It’s important to note that because we had a time when going from Wii U/3DS to Switch didn’t carry over your accounts.

It can be a great addition to the Switch successor, and Nintendo might even improve Nintendo Switch Online to make it more appealing for their upcoming things. But that’s a topic for another discussion.

What do you think Nintendo will do with the Switch successor other than the addition of Nintendo Switch Online? Do you think people will have enough reasons to upgrade to it if they already have the Switch? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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