Recent Leaks Might Confirm Kojima Teasing Overdose In 2019

Hideo Kojima is one of the most talented video game developers ever. Anyone who thinks that’s an overestimation can check his work. Most of his titles introduce some of the most creative and innovative themes and always bring the best gameplay a gamer can ask for.

His most notable titles include the Metal Gear Solid series, Death Stranding, some work in the Silent Hill franchise, and some currently developing titles. We can already consider them great as Kojima is handling them.

The talented developer has a long history in the video game industry and is continuing to bring unique titles, one of which is Overdose. Although the game is still unannounced, it has been subjected to a few leaks, making it almost official. These leaks have given us insight into what to expect from the upcoming Horror game.

Not to mention, our talented team in TopTierList managed to find some exciting details leading us to believe that perhaps Hideo Kojima has been teasing us about Overdose since 2019.

Hideo Kojima 2019 Interview

In an interview that TheGuardian extensively covered, we saw some of the most humane and wholesome answers. Although the interview at that time was after the release of Death Stranding, it now holds many details that are perhaps crucial to Kojima’s upcoming game.

Some interesting details show us Hideo Kojima’s interest and inspiration, which further excites us about what he has in store for us. After talking about his recent game at the time, Kojima was asked about his future projects, to which he said, “I can’t say right now, but it’s something you’ve never seen.” However, out of sheer excitement, he went on to tease us about this project by saying:

It’s a game, but also a movie … no, I’m starting to say it! Right now, you can broadcast Esports and people watch it. What’s the next step? A creator creates a game, someone plays it, and in the future the viewers could become creators, too. I can’t say more than that.

But what exactly could this mean? Well, we have some ideas!

Kojima Productions
Hideo Kojima.

Major Points

  • Hideo Kojima’s interest in movies might be one of the biggest inspirations for Overdose.
  • Although there is no visible connection between his statement and the horror game, this is the only fitting answer, as no other game can fit his description that well.
  • On the off chance that this is a different game, we can still be excited to play those amazing games eventually.

Hideo Kojima’s Inspiration

Kojima’s interest in directing movies is not big news, as we can see many inspirations and even Death Stranding Hollywood cameos. However, he had to suppress his early passion after his father’s death, but reality had something else planned for him.

He was absorbed by video games and game development at his university that he decided to venture down this path. He has developed many successful games and was regarded as the most famous video game developer at one point due to his massive following on social media.

After he gave those juicy details in 2019 after Death Stranding’s release, he admitted at a Bafta presentation that he accidentally slipped about his upcoming project during his interview. So we can see that the cryptic things he mentioned are significant and might reveal much more regarding the game.

Overdose Tease

We know the leaks are legit, as many insiders who have seen parts of the game have confirmed their validity. So, after seeing the images and older leaks, we can see the connection between his description and this title. In fact, “in the future, the viewers could become creators” can be integrated into a horror game pretty well.

Still, this will probably not be something so simple. We have many games that allow you to make decisions that can affect the gameplay and even the ending. However, we might be able to take that to the next level here and feel much more connected to the game. If you think about it, it can perfectly blend in with the horror aspect of the game.

Overdose Kojima
Kojima’s Describing his Future Project (Potentially Overdose) In 2019.

In addition, the previously leaked footage also revealed a picture-in-picture of another ‘player’ on a mobile phone, including the text Camera Player 1. We know the validity of those leaks, and they make this analysis much more convincing.

Although we can’t share the images and footage here directly due to legal actions, they can be found online on various sites.

Ending Remarks

This further shows us that we barely know anything about the game, even after all these leaks. Considering how innovative he is with his titles, Hideo Kojima probably has some fascinating things in this title. Even if Overdose doesn’t turn out to be the project he talked about before, we can still hope to see that in his upcoming projects.

Kojima has some of the best inspirations for his games, and therefore Overdose, and all his upcoming games will undoubtedly live up to that hype. Do you think Overdose is the title he talked about in his interview? If not, do you believe another title is lingering in the shadows of Overdose? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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