18 Minutes of Unedited Pay Day 3 Gameplay Leaked

The gameplay leak unveils thrilling heists and enhanced mechanics.

The leaked gameplay in question was uploaded by a Vietnamese content creator. Pay Day 3 is a highly anticipated sequel to the popular heist-themed video game series. It is to be noticed that there were no cuts or editing, which further solidifies the leaks’ authenticity as it further points towards it being a press release footage.

Our team at Top Tier List found the leaked gameplay on a gaming forum, you can also watch the leaked gameplay video here. The video is available in 1080p and 60fps; it is in high definition, unlike the majority of leaks, which are blurry and in low resolution.

Key Points

  • Pay Day 3 gameplay has been leaked by a Vietnamese content creator, and there are clear improvements in visuals and mechanics.
  • A new handler character might be introduced in the game, which further is an indication towards the narrative in the game having some depth.
  • It might be a link to the secret ending of the previous game where Bain possesses the US president’s body in an occult ritual, hinting that Pay Day 3 has continued the story of Pay Day 2.
  • The leaked footage does generate excitement, and it seems very authentic, but we should always be cautious with it as it may not fully represent the final product.

The original video was privated shortly after being uploaded on YouTube, which adds an air of mystery to the situation. It could mean the uploader was afraid of it being removed due to its unauthorized nature. This further supports the authenticity of the leak, as it may violate confidentiality agreements.

pay day 3 gameplay
Gameplay Footage

The leaked footage shows how the game builds upon the foundation laid by Pay Day 2, the visuals are enhanced, and the mechanics seem improved. A notable thing in the game is the introduction of a new handler. The handler is a character who is providing information to the player during the heists. 

There may be a link to PayDay 2’s secret ending, in which Bain possesses the body of the US president in an occult ritual. If this is verified to be canon in Pay Day 3, it implies a continuation of the events from the previous game’s hidden ending. However, without official remarks or further information from the game’s producers, interpreting the importance of the new handler in relation to the hidden ending is non-conclusive.

People were not really excited about the game; one user of resetera.com, who goes by the user name of jasius was not happy with the gameplay. He commented and said:

The AI is just as awful, there’s nothing really dynamic about the game, it looks like they’ve locked ammo refills behind locking picking mini games… it’s on Gamepass I’ll play it, but I don’t know how you convince people to pay money for this. The gameplay loop and the shooting doesn’t seem great, the engine might be the same one with a coat of paint, they could have found a different one. It’ll be full of cheaters ruining any possible fun in a matter of weeks, just like the last 2 games, and the devs did NOTHING to stop it, so that killed it.

pay day 3 gameplay
Gameplay Footage

For Pay Day series fans, this leaked footage could be valuable as they would get an idea of what to expect from the next game. However, one should always adopt an eye of skepticism and caution because this leaked footage may not accurately represent the final product. Developers make significant improvements during the development process, and the leaked footage is not a reflection of the gameplay, features, and mechanics.

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