Leak Reveals Information on FromSoftware’s Next Game

If you think of Soulslike games, then FromSoftware is a word almost synonymous with it. As this video game development studio has brought us some of the best Soulslike games, with not just fantastic gameplay, but a compelling story. That explains why Elden Ring had so much hype even before people got anything official in the game.

How did the people know of Elden Ring then? Believe it or not, it was leaked, and on 4Chan. For all the FromSoftware lovers, this might be a good day, as another one of FromSoftware’s games has been leaked there, but since nothing is confirmed, take all of the information with a massive grain of salt. But first, let’s talk about FromSoftware and their Soulslike games.

About FromSoftware

FromSoftware is notable for many games, but perhaps the most noteworthy are the Armored Core and Dark Souls Series, with some others like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, bloodborne, and Elden Ring being more related to the latter series.

This company has given birth to some revolutionary games, and I daresay, made many gamers a fan of dying… a lot until they eventually beat a boss and that feeling is the best in the world. Luckily, their potential upcoming title will give you just that.

Main Takeaways

  • A new FromSoftware game, called Project Abyss is in development, and it is much similar to Dark Souls.
  • The game is ocean-themed, and might be set in the Dark Souls universe, but far into the future.
  • It has a dark mood, as most enemies are dark-corrupted, and so is the water. So, most enemies are likely sea beasts.

The Project Abyss

Thanks to the team at TopTierList, we found a 4Chan thread, where the leaker proclaimed himself to be the one who leaked Project GR, Officially announced as Elden Ring. If this is true, then this might be the next game to be hyped for. So, here are all the details we got from the thread.

Here is a cleaner version of the text with some context to provide further details:

  • The development started around the same time when EE was announced.
  • Hidetaka is the supervisor, and Yui Tanimura is the director. Yui Tanimura received a lot of hate after Dark Souls 2, as fans said he ruined the series with the least fun game in the trilogy. However, some consider him the saving grace since he was involved when the previous director messed up with the game, and Tanimura had to save the game.
  • Hidetake considers Tanimura as his “fixer” and wants to give him this opportunity without all the drama from before. So, this is a test for him, and for us to see his true work.
  • The game is more similar to Dark Souls but on a smaller scale and a budget than EE.
  • It will be set in the Dark Souls universe, but in a distant future, where the events from the trilogy are nothing but a memory. Initially, the game was supposed to take place in the “Age of the Deep Sea” which Aldritch from DS3 foresaw. But it is not confirmed whether that will be the case when the game comes out.
  • The game is ocean/water-themed, and the water is heavily corrupted, giving rise to shadowy sea beasts. The main areas will be coastal, with temples and fishing villages.
  • Similar to Elden Ring, it has an underwater map(ER had an underground map), and a surface-level map.
  • The underwater has different rules, and there is no swimming, but there are boats, which can be a traveling mechanic in the game. Maybe a special warp-point.
  • New weapon types and the magic system are in the game, adding further complexity to combat mechanics.

Do take all the information with a grain of salt, as the leaker himself said so. We will need to wait a while for some more crumbs of data, or maybe an official announcement. The hopes are slim, but who can say what might happen?

In Conclusion

FromSoftware has brought us some of the best Soulslike games, and a recent leak shows that there might be another project in development. The details are scarce, and we should wait more before believing anything. But what do you think will be the next game like? The data makes sense as it connects with Dark Souls, and is something FromSoftware would do well, so will this eventually happen? We would love to hear your thoughts on this below!

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