A New Silent Hill Game Revealed by Korean Rating

There are only a handful of horror classics that have introduced many troupes that we use now to elevate the horror in a game. One of those is fog, and while it may sound simple, it is actually terrifying to see for yourself. Imagine being in a haunted town, and the fog causes you to be near-sighted, making it almost impossible to see further beyond a certain limit.

Which game is famous for having that? None other than Silent Hill, and true, some may argue others did it as well, but you can’t tell us that this is the game that made it as popular as it now stands. Not only that, but the way many of these mechanics were introduced in Silent Hill made it truly a masterpiece in its category.

About Silent Hill

If you are one of the people who don’t know Silent Hill, it is a survival horror game series developed by Team Silent and published by Konami. The first game came out in 1999 and was met with huge success. Almost everyone loved the game and considered it one of the greatest video games ever made.

That is due to how it adopted a more Psychological Horror, and it did wonders in appealing to the audience. Since then, many games have come out, but especially in recent times, there have been rumors of some more exciting Silent Hill projects in development. If you have been on the waiting list for them, then this is your lucky day.

Main Points

  • An unannounced Silent Hill game has been rated by The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea.
  • It is unclear whether this game is for mobile, or for other platforms. All we know is that this is one of the few Silent Hill projects if the rumors stand true.
  • It somehow aligns with something Jeff Grubb, a gaming journalist said almost a month ago.

Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated in Korea

The title of the new game is Silent Hill: The Short Message, which can be seen below in the rating.

Silent Hill rated in Korea
Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated in Korea.

The sharp eyes at TopTierList caught this on today’s batch of Korean game ratings, and the publisher is listed as UNIANA, a Korean publisher of Konami games. There was another game called eFootball 2023 on the list.

It is still unclear whether the game is for mobile, or some other platform. Surprisingly though, this aligns with what Jeff Grubb hinted at in an old tweet.

When Andy Robinson, an Editor at VGC News tweeted about a potential new Silent Hill game reveal, Jeff, replied with a ‘September’ gif, indicating we can expect something maybe later in September. And right he was, as we just got something, and since September still hasn’t ended, we might see some official news coming sooner than expected.

The String of Previous Leaks

It is no surprise though, as there have been numerous Silent Hill leaks recently, and Konami has done its best to take them all down, but there’s only so much they can do. If the rumors stand true, then Silent Hill: The Short Message might be one of the few projects they have up their sleeves.

Nevertheless, we can only confirm that once the announcement has been made. If this game turns out to be for mobile, then there will definitely be more games coming soon, since we did get some solid leaked images of the game, and they were not for mobile.

That is all for this news, what do you think of a new Silent Hill game? And would you prefer a mobile game along with another game for other platforms? Let us know your thoughts below and we will get back to you!

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