People Can Fly’s Project Victoria Details Revealed In a Job Listing

Project Victoria is an unannounced AAA Action-Adventure game, and will likely be an FPS with Multiplayer.

People Can Fly has several projects in development, and barely any details have been announced regarding them. As of yet, we know they have at least 7 projects; one is Project Gemini with Square Enix. Project Bifrost, Project Victoria, and Project Dagger are in their self-publishing model, while Project Red is in the early concept phase. There are also 2 VR games in development.

Other than that, we barely know anything about some of these projects. However, our team at TopTierList found a recent job listing for the position of Technical Architect that has unraveled many details regarding Project Victoria.

According to the game description, we can confidently say it will be a AAA Action-Adventure game. After thoroughly looking at other job details, there are implications that it will also be an FPS with multiplayer.

PCF Victoria Game
Job Listing Description.

Major Details

  • Project Victoria, which was previously reported to be in the early concept phase, finally reveals some exciting details through a job listing.
  • Though it confirms the game will be a AAA Action-Adventure, other things from job details imply that it might also be in a first-person shooter with multiplayer.
  • It will likely be made on Unreal Engine 4.

People Can Fly has developed and worked with many notable titles, including Gears of WarOutriders, and even Fortnite. It has built an impressive portfolio, and considering its upcoming projects; it will have some exciting games to look forward to in the coming years.

Among the many projects mentioned above, we now finally have more details regarding Project Victoria, which was previously in the early concept phase and had no details revealed. Thanks to a job listing on GameJobs, we know more than we did before.

Victoria Game
Project Victoria Game Description.

At the end of the job listing, it states that “Project Victoria is a yet unannounced AAA action-adventure game developed by our North American team supported by PCF’s European studios.” So we can assume this much is at least confirmed. However, that’s not all.

Project Victoria Details
Qualifications of Technical Architect, According to the Job Listing.

Under the “Qualifications,” we have some points that reveal further details we can expect in the game:

  • Worked on at least one multiplayer AAA title from start to ship.
  • Worked on at least one Unreal Engine 4-based game as an Architect, Principal, or Senior Engineer.
  • Experience developing FPS games is nice to have.

These piqued our interest, as the first point mentions “multiplayer,” while the last one expresses “experience in FPS” as a plus point. So, we can expect the game to be a AAA FPS Action-Adventure game with multiplayer. Still, these are only implications and not confirmed details, so take them with a grain of salt.

In addition, the Technical Architect has to be an “experienced Unreal Programmer” with good knowledge of “Unreal Engine 4 based games.” Therefore, the game will likely be made on Unreal Engine 4. We can assume now that the game is beyond the early concept phase and is starting to take shape.

However, it should still take a long time for the game to go gold, as they are still hiring new members for the development team, as revealed in the requirements, “Assist with the evaluation and hiring of new team members.”

Project Victoria PCF
Requirements of Technical Architect, According to the Job Listing.

Aside from Project Victoria, we have further details that we discussed before regarding Project Red and how it might be the PS Exclusive IP, whose footage was leaked on the internet recently. Other than that, Project Dagger was supposed to be published by Take-Two Interactive, but due to some reasons, their deal ended, and the game will now be in the self-publishing model.

Project Victoria is also part of that model, whose name suggests that People Can Fly will publish these games themselves. Some of these games were previously reported to release sometime in 2024. But such information is tentative, so we can only wait for them to make an official announcement to confirm these details.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts regarding Project Victoria by PCF? Do you think PCF will be able to do well with other games in the self-publishing model? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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