The Playstation Plus Browser Is Still Broken

The PlayStation Plus service echoes the traits of its Microsoft counterpart, the Xbox live subscription, in more ways than one. It is a requirement for online, multiplayer services amongst games. Aside from the multiplayer aspect, PS Plus subscribers get the added benefit of playing with previous-gen titles and the option of early access for upcoming games in some cases.

PS Plus in Its Glory

The service itself has remained largely popular amongst users. Being in a hotly contested market with Microsoft, Sony ensures to include some feature that betters the subscription in one way or another. The ability to play older games and be included with the perks of multiplayer support has garnered the support of users worldwide.

Points To Ponder On

  • PS Plus is a subscription-based service rivaling that of Microsofts Xbox live.
  • An array of accessibility has made it a huge success amongst gamers.
  • The shortcomings lay in the PS Plus library UI.
  • Growing inconvenience for players.

The Limitations Thanks To UI

Despite all the praises, however, there does seem to be a bit of a faff within the workings of the service. It’s a shame that the Playstation Plus library has water thrown over its efforts thanks to a UI limitation.

PS Plus user complaint
PS Plus User’s Concerns

The thread by Neogaf user Bartski highlights an ongoing and recurrent problem with the PS Plus service; The inability for supported games to be displayed in the library. It seems that various titles do not appear under their respective categories, and one must manually search for them to get around this issue. 

The complaint came about the announcement that the Dying Light 2 trial is now live on the PS Plus service. Naturally, it would make sense for people to be furious regarding the inconvenience, given that some may miss the opportunity to even play the trial. The thread regarding the topic at hand further scrutinizes the disorganized and frustrating system. 

Further Testimony From Users

The unisolated nature of the matter results in a wide range of users being affected in one way or another.

PS Plus User Testimony evidence
PS Plus User Testimony

A rather strong-worded and frustrated user also recounts his experience regarding the problems he has so far faced. It is worth noting that this problem is not something new, thus making it more puzzling why Sony does not roll out a fix.

A Case Of Deja Vu For Sony

The problem at hand replicates the games library debacle that had arisen recently. We here at TopTierList reported that the PS5 update last month was far from perfect. We delved deeper into the concerns players were experiencing thanks to the rather shoddy game library arrangement. Many were disappointed and felt it was a step back from even the PS4 and PS3 era.

Concluding Remarks

One may hope that the PS Plus browser is polished to stop players from running into recurrent issues. How largely has this issue impacted you? Have you been left unaware of a certain deal or game? Let us know your experiences down below!

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