PSVR2 Has Already Surpassed PSVR’s Initial 2 Months Sales

Sony has many things planned for the coming year, and among the top things we are all excited about is undoubtedly the PlayStation VR 2. It is set to release in February of 2023, but the pre-orders have already started, allowing you to snatch it pretty early.

Even with PlayStation’s reputation and dominance in the market, gamers think it won’t do so well since the currently announced games for PSVR2 are not exactly that many. However, according to an industry insider, the current PSVR2 numbers have surpassed PSVR’s initial 2 months on the market by a considerable deal.

We can definitely expect these numbers to go even higher once PlayStation announces other games and releases more trailers. Not to mention, as soon as the pre-order is available to the vast majority worldwide, gamers will surely not miss that opportunity.

Major Points

  • PSVR2’s current numbers are much higher than PSVR’s initial 2 months on the market.
  • Many people have already jumped on the hype train, and more are expected to follow them.
  • It looks great for Sony since they should still have some PSVR2 announcements up their sleeve.

Twitter user Rythian is a well-known industry leaker with many sources to give such information on big companies before anyone else. According to him, the PSVR2 has already become a much bigger deal than PSVR in its first two months.

Since it has outpaced its ancestor considerably, it should continue to do so, as the PSVR2 lineup will only grow from now on. Though the games announced are big enough already, it still does not justify someone spending $550 on equipment that you can play such games on.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal for gamers since PlayStation will most likely add more to its PSVR2 portfolio in each State of Play starting in 2023. We already saw their lineup this year, and that alone has convinced so many to go for the VR.

As such, PSVR2’s future looks promising, and everyone who doubts its potential should reconsider their thoughts. Another concern many people have is PSVR2’s availability on many notable retailers, since some, like GameStop, allow you to have some credit so your next purchase can be cheaper.

GameStop Preorders? from PSVR

Though we don’t know when exactly that will happen, there are ways you can get yourself a good deal by pre-ordering from PlayStation directly, and as soon it’s available on GameStop, you can cancel your order earlier and get it from the retailer.

You can also use your credit to purchase something and sell that at MSRP, then use that to help with your PSVR2 purchase. There are many ways to go for it, and as we mentioned earlier, there is a way to cancel your pre-orders, so we may see a surge in cancellations if some gamers are not amused with the lineup before the release.

That is still just speculation since we have seen many clinging to their purchase, hoping for an exciting reveal next year. Do you think PlayStation has much more planned for PSVR2 in 2023? What would you like to see the most coming for PSVR2? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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