Red Dead Redemption Receives Long-Awaited Keyboard and Mouse Support

Thanks to an amazing mod.

A brilliant modder has made it possible to use a mouse and a keyboard on your computer to play the original Red Dead Redemption game.

The prayers of PC gamers who were longing for this have finally been answered. The game was never officially released on PC, and emulators were used by players to enjoy this iconic Western adventure. Emulators required a controller, and using the keyboard and mouse for more precision was a far fetch dream for many. 

Key Points

  • A modder has developed a mod to enable players to use a keyboard and a mouse with the original Red Dead Redemption on PC.
  • It adds more precision to the game, and the mod configures a third-party software to make it possible.
  • The mod is available to download on GitHub and emulates the controller inputs.
  • The Dead Eye feature is smoother, and the aiming improves. It has some limitations, as it lacks native support for macOS and Linux.

But now you can download this amazing mod from GitHub. This mod seamlessly incorporates the complete spectrum of emulated controller inputs into Red Dead Redemption, granting keyboard and mouse users an amazing gaming experience. This fan-made project fulfills the gap left by the absence of the official game on PC.


The modder behind this mod is the user @vStar925. They have a Twitter profile, and they make mods and texture packs and provide modding guides. In his tweet, he announced the mod with a gameplay video.

According to the gameplay video, the aiming seems more precise, and the control of the Dead Eye feature seems much smoother but this mod is far from being perfect. The modder replied to one of the tweets. where he said:

I just cleared Pikes Basin on free aim pretty easily. People are a big enough target not having super precision isn’t a huge deal but trying to shoot bottles from 50 feet away might be little difficult.

Also, on GitHub, the system requirements for it are uploaded. The mod requires a very normal gaming PC or a laptop. The modder recommends a GTX 980 Ti or later and 6GB of ram or more. The bummer is that it doesn’t support macOS and Linux natively.

red dead redemption github mouse and keyboard mod system requirements.
System Requirements

You have to be quick, though, because Rockstar doesn’t play around when it comes to intellectual property rights. Recently they took down a screenshot from an emulator with a reshade. The modder has made this configuration for a third-party program with 2 .dds picture and a .XML file, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it is taken down.

We do love the modding community, and this is a big thing for many fans. The rumors of the Red Dead Redemption being remastered/remade for the new generation of consoles and PC might be good news for those who wanted to play it on PC, but till then, we can enjoy such amazing mods.

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