3 Silent Hill Projects in Development

Silent Hill has regained some of its old popularity as we have been bombarded with various leaks. It is a very popular franchise published and developed by Konami Digital Entertainment. They made 4 games, in the beginning, using their own internal group “Team Silent”, but the later titles were mostly made by some Western Developers. The franchise was very popular in its prime and had some movies, spin-offs, and even some prints for it. As of 2013, they have sold over 8.4 million copies.

Silent Hill is a creepy-horror game set in a fictional town in America. It adopts a chilling psychological horror aspect and does it so perfectly. The main unique characteristic of the game is the always-present fog that engulfs the town.

It gives you this sense of being lost and narrows your field of vision. Such a small detail has proven that sometimes being simple can add the cherry-on-top in the game. It also allows you to notice many details even when you play the game more than one.

Due to the many leaks about the new Silent Hill game in development, people have also started speculating, which has added a lot of false information to the plate.

However, the editor/writer at VGC, Andy Robinson, has assured us that there are at least 3 different Silent Hill projects under development. This would be far-fetched speculation if it was anything else, but we are talking about a game that has many movies, spin-offs, and so many games.

So far, the only studio we can say is most likely to be involved in Bloober Team, as they were rumored to be the new developers of a Silent Hill project, and the timing of their deal with Sony can not be considered a mere coincidence. Sony is known to be working with Kojima, the former subsidiary of Konami that published the first games.

If we take this pattern along with the news we got from Andy himself, we can say that Sony might be working on a Silent Hill project, and Bloober Team working on one as well or working together with Sony on it.

The 2nd or 3rd project might be from Kojima Productions, or Konami Digital Entertainment (as they did take down the leaked pictures under DMCA claim).

If Sony and Bloober are working together, then it is possible that we might see another Team Silent form to make the new Silent Hill project, like getting Ito, Yamaoka, and Owaku together since they are the core, soul, and creators of Silent Hill. Jeff Grubb also said in his recent video and termed it as a rumor he has been hearing from his sources, and that it is still not 100% confirmed.

All of the information we are getting from different sources is coming together to tell something that makes sense. However, as nothing is confirmed, do take it with a few grains of salt.

The studios can only be confirmed 100% once there is an official announcement, and that might take some time. In the meantime, If you have any questions, do let us know!