We Could Be Getting A Sonic Adventures DX Remaster For 2023

Sonic as a franchise has maintained momentous support over the years despite its age. Responsible for a plethora of memories, players worldwide saw Sonic Adventures as the pinnacle of the series.

It is without a doubt that Sonic does not possess the same traction as in the early days. Aside from a movie in the works, the games haven’t sparked the same level of intrigue. A recent rumor however suggests that Sega may be bringing back a classic for 2023.

Talking Points

  • It can be said that the Sonic franchise was Sega’s rise to fame.
  • Despite losing steam, the series has held a sizable community over the years.
  • Recent speculations suggest Sonic Adventures DX Remaster could be in the works.

The rumor mill has started off with a thread created by Twitter user @SPEEPSHighway, who details the reasons to believe his speculations. 

Tails is one of the more prominent characters in the Sonic franchise. The image in question is from Sonic Frontiers and will be the basis of the comparison used for the ultimate case of speculation.

The comparison between the Dreamcast(DC) versus the Port(DX) versions will be the basis of a list of comparisons that seem to support the leaker’s theory. Following will be a list of subtle details as a result of tweaking the image in question, details enough to spark curiosity.

The differences, although some might say are pedantic, could very well lead one to believe that there is more to the story than just shoddy editing. The case of the arches being visible in largely different manners gives weight to that very argument. Furthermore, the pavement not aligning is a clear indication of this being the recent port version rather than the Dreamcast one.

A similar situation can be observed here. The third image used as the end point clearly has a more enhanced look to it than its previous counterparts. Having already put both DX and DC versions out of the equation, the third image can very likely indicate the existence of an in-development remaster.

Further building upon these claims, Reddit user ezidro3 created a thread to better understand the public perception of the situation.

The thread provides us with the opinions of the masses; avid gamers with an underlying connection with the franchise giving their two cents on the matter. Considering the nature and suddenness of the theory, it is interesting to note that players are not downright denying the prospect of a remaster for next year.

Like most speculations, taking this with a grain of salt is advisable. The coincidence that Sonic Adventures’ 25th anniversary is next year however does give more fuel to the possibility. It would most definitely be a return to glory moment for Sega, with nostalgia running at an all-time high.

What is your opinion regarding the possibility of a remaster? Do you think the specific series deserved a remaster or could there have been better candidates in the Sonic arsenal? Let us know down below.

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