Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Major Bosses Leaked Via Stream

Pokémon is one of the most beloved franchises and offers something special for everyone. It has been part of our lives for a long time and has existed since the earliest consoles. But that does not make it an outdated game. It is so timeless that one of its upcoming games has been trending for the past few days.

However, the reasons for that trend aren’t something the Pokémon franchise would prefer. The game is set to release on the 18th of November, 2022, but most of the content has already been leaked. If you don’t enjoy spoilers, then this may not be a safe space for you, as we will discuss some twists and major bosses we encounter during the game.

Just yesterday, some players decided to stream the gameplay on various social media sites. However, one of them was more successful than the others. User reeeetardkun started streaming on Trovo and managed to leak almost all the content within the game. While Nintendo removed the content on other sites, it is still up there on Tencent’s version of a live streaming platform.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Story Leaks
Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokémon.

Major Point

  • Due to the gameplay live stream that went unnoticed by Nintendo for a long time, most of the bosses have been leaked, along with most of the story.
  • Clips of the content can still be found on the Trovo channel.

Nintendo failed to keep the leaks in check, which was somewhat expected. Many leakers had been waiting for the game release to come closer before revealing the content, leaving the community in chaos.

It is a sad state for those who don’t enjoy spoilers but a heaven for others who don’t care. If you are the latter, then this is perfect for you! A gamer on Trovo started live streaming the game and was left undetected. 

The stream went on for so long that people were more curious about how long it would take before Nintendo took action than the content itself. It might be difficult to catch up with 20+ hours of gameplay for those who missed it. So, the leaker considered that and clipped most of the boss fights and other significant cutscenes.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Legendary Pokémon, Koraidon and Miraidon.

You can watch the 22-hour live stream or the clips that reveal these bosses here. In addition, there is another video circulating that shows phase 2 of the postgame boss fight. It is safe to say that Nintendo is not happy right now, but it is unlikely that this will hurt the game’s launch.

People seem happy with the leaks and are excited to play the game for themselves when it comes out. Although the joy of witnessing Pokémon evolutions may not be there for many who have seen the leaks, the game will still be fun.

What do you think of these leaks? Do you find the bosses intimidating? Have the leaks made you purchase the game, or will you opt out after being spoiled? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will discuss them with you!

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