Sony Is Looking To Expand Into The Mobile Market Via Playstation

Contemporary times have seen the age of the console wars at its peak. Sony and Microsoft trade blows each year with the Playstation and Xbox lineup respectively. The PlayStation pioneered the idea of a home video game console, with the offering by Microsoft coming in a decent bit later.

A Tussle Of Power 

The PlayStation is Sony’s lifeline in the gaming industry. Ever since its induction in 1994, with a worldwide release following in the subsequent year, the console launched into a record-setting spree as a result of its popularity.

PS X Xbox
Generation Defining Consoles

The shift in power has been clear in recent times. The gauntlet of market share has found its way towards Sony one year only to then make it over to the opposing Xbox side. Amidst this rivalry, the gaming community has enjoyed a rich stream of games and contentious topics to squabble over.

Major Talking Points

  • The console era has been one of the most hotly contended gaming spaces.
  • Sony and Microsoft have traded blows due to the competitive nature of their consoles.
  • Sony has appeared to trail behind a tad bit in recent years.
  • It appears a decision of Playstation is looking to form a mobile-based dev team.

Situation As It Stands

While some may argue that Sony offers superior exclusives on the Playstation, few can disregard the unique selling point of the Xbox; Xbox GamePass. The service has persuaded many to join the cradles of Microsoft.

The plethora of AAA titles on offer amongst other benefits make it a deal like no other. With the new surge of Cloud gaming and Microsoft’s vision to standardize it across all platforms including mobile, it seemed high time for Sony to respond via its Playstation division.

An Unexpected Job Listing

It appears that a recent job listing on LinkedIn, spotted by us at TopTierList, has shed some light on the prospect of new upcoming projects.

Playstation Job Listing
LinkedIn Job Listing

The job listing details the need for an employee presumably heading one of the main departments in the newly created genre of mobile. It remains to be seen just how wide the landscape of mobile gaming is being taken by Sony, but discounting the ambitiousness of such a project would be foolish, to say the least.

About The Listing
About The Listing

Moving forward, the list of expertise that the job listing details is synonymous with what one can expect working for the Playstation department. The document also provides an insight into the severity of the project itself, with the prospect of a serious takeover of the mobile market looking to be imminent in the near future.

A Response To Xbox?

The listing comes about as surprising, yet it all seems to fit in as well. It all could very well be tied down to the enormous kinds of success that Xbox is enjoying with their subscription services.

Xbox press release
Microsoft Press Release

An official press release showed the staggering figure of 25 million concurrent users for the Xbox GamePass service. Couple that with Microsoft’s push to mainstream Cloud gaming via the Xbox, and it all sounds like a recipe for the majority share of the market. 

It would make sense then that Playstation may have felt the need to respond albeit in a more differing method since they too have a game pass but it does not have the same traction. With Cloud gaming being polished at a commendable rate, it is only a matter of time before Microsoft seizes sizable control over the mobile gaming industry.

Concluding Remarks

Do you think the venture of the Playstation department into the mobile market will reap the projected benefits? Is Sony doing enough to rival the already well-established and further developing Xbox GamePass and Cloud gaming respectively? Let us know down below!

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