Major Leaks of Splatoon 3 Emerge a Week Before Release

Splatoon 3 is an upcoming video game developed by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. As we have seen with its predecessors, it will be a third-person shooter and feature a competitive online multiplayer. So, it will be not only PvE but also PvP with a story-driven single-player mode. The game offers a new experience for Splatoon fans, so the hype is tremendous.

The game was announced in the Nintendo Direct last year, but more details were given later at the end of 2021. We also got some news on it having co-op earlier in February 2022. The release is right around the corner, and we can have it for ourselves on the 9th of September, 2022.

But if you are as impatient as us, some recent significant leaks might suit your palate. But beware, as they contain heavy story spoilers, so grab your popcorn and let’s start this fun ride!

Early Acces to the Game

You may not be aware, but Splatoon 3 was available for early purchase even before the release. This is not intentional, and many consider this to be fake, but one Twitter user, Splatoon 3 Leaks, has managed to get an actual copy for himself. The name suggests that the account is a dummy since there is a risk of these things going down as the game is still not released.

Just bought a copy from somebody who got it early from splatoon

The physical copies are available for a higher price than what they will be once it is released, but that’s to be expected in this situation.


First off, let’s get the Logs out of the way, he has posted those all the way up to 6, and we have the first two shown above. Logs 4, 5, and 6 are named ‘Humanity’s Final Day,’ ‘Fresh AIntelligence Awakens,’ and ‘The Land of Fresh Beginnings,’ respectively.

They reveal some important things about the Splatoon 3 world and are great for getting information first-hand. But that’s not all; we barely scraped the tip of the iceberg and have much more to cover.

Big Man Boss Battle

We had leaks of many boss battles, but we can look at some of the most interesting ones. The order of when these bosses appear is not fully known yet, but we can have at least that much thrill of the battles. Let’s take a look at Big Man first.

Big Man is a member of the band Deep Cut, alongside Shiver(who we will see next) and Frye. He also co-hosts the Anarchy Splatcast and news show of Splatsville and Splatfest with them. His dialogues are amusing as he only says ‘ay,’ while the subtitles provide the translation in brackets. His colors are red and grey. The name seems like a pun of him being a big ‘Manta Ray,’ hence ‘Big Man.’

He looks even more exciting and funny with the soundtrack. Although the battle may look confusing, we have seen way more confusing stuff in Splatoon, and we aren’t even prepared to see how much more difficult others will be.

Shiver Boss Battle

The next boss battle is of Shiver, and we mentioned her affiliation with Big Man and Frye. Her signature color is blue.

Although Shiver is an Octoling, her gender is still a mystery as Shiver has been mentioned by various pronouns of both men and women alike in different languages. The fanbase considers that she is likely a woman, as shown in the Portuguese introduction. She will be fighting alongside Master Mega, presumably a megalodon.

Challenging Combat

Aside from those boss battles, Splatoon 3 Leaks has leaked a lot of the fights, many of which can be found on his Twitter.

This shows a chaotic piece of the challenge, and we will see many similar ones throughout the game. So be prepared to get through these if you want to progress fast.

Cutscenes and Other Leaks

In addition, we also have more leaks by YouTuber EnigmaDev, who uploaded all of the cutscenes and boss fights in chronological order.

As this contains heavy spoilers, watch at your own risk. There are only a few days until we get the game ourselves, so be sure not to spoil yourself too much. That is all for these leaks, be sure to let us know what you found most interesting among these leaks, and we will get back to you in the comments below!

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