Concept Art From Canceled Star Wars 1313 Emerge Online

Star Wars has become an essential part of the entertainment industry due to the many movies and recent TV shows that have amassed immense popularity. In addition, the franchise has been successful in the video game industry, having released many titles in the past decades.

Although even more titles are rumored to be in development, some did not see the light of day after being canceled. One of the more important titles that have been canceled is Star Wars 1313. This title carried the potential to be the best one we have had so far, as it focused on the gritty reality and the darker side of Star Wars.

However, fate had something else in store for it, and the only thing we can do now is admire some of the things we could have experienced ourselves. Luckily, some concept arts have emerged online that provide a whole new look at the world of Star Wars 1313.

Star Wars 1313 canceled game from LeaksAndRumors

Major Points

  • Concept arts from Star Wars 1313 give a deeper look at the game’s world.
  • Although no character design can be seen in them, we can still see the detailed environment and the gritty vibe of some places in mere images.

Star Wars 1313 was aimed to become a title that would adapt the gritty, violent, and darker side of the Star Wars universe. As we know, the Star Wars Universe is filled with countless stories, many of which are dark, but none of it has been portrayed as such anywhere else.

That is why we call this title one of the more critical canceled projects from Lucasfilm Games. Even then, we can hope that Ubisoft’s unannounced Star Wars project follows a similar path, but we can’t guarantee that it does.

Nonetheless, let us admire the beautiful concept arts and mourn at what we could have received. Our team at TopTierList found an exciting post on Reddit by user LongJonSilver, who has a good record of sharing similar concept art in the past.

Star Wars Game
Concept Art #1 of Star Wars 1313.
Star Wars 1313
Concept Art #2 of Star Wars 1313.
Star Wars 1313 Gritty Game
Concept Art #3 of Star Wars 1313.
Star Wars Canceled Game
Concept Art #4 of Star Wars 1313.

Although we cannot tell what some of these images depict, we can see how detailed they are, and that alone is enough to make us appreciate the work. We may never be able to experience the game, but as long as the concept arts and some work exist somewhere, it is possible that future games can be inspired by it.

Still, we can’t be completely sad as we are on our way to receiving some official information on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor somewhere in the next month, as reported by many insiders. So, Star Wars 1313 may have died only to let future Star Wars games thrive in the current competitive industry.

What are your thoughts on the concept arts? Do you think the game would have been one of their best titles yet? And what do you think is being made under Ubisoft’s banner? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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