Steam Deck Surpasses An Impressive 1 Million In Sales

The seismic shift away from traditional gaming modes and the focus on more on-the-go convenient gaming led to the inception of the Steam Deck. Touted and equally performing as a handheld PC, the Steam Deck made waves in the industry upon announcement. The ability to play the vast collection of games on Steam portable had many intrigued by the latest induction in the gaming space.

Initial Feedback

As with every trend-setting launch, the Steam Deck did not release without flaws. Games were not yet fully optimized to be playable on the handheld console, and the software UI wasn’t the pleasantest. Perhaps the prospect of making full-scale PC gaming portable, coupled with the strong belief by shareholders, kept ongoing support for the project alive.

Key Pointers

  • Induction of the Steam Deck sent the gaming community into raptures
  • The initial response was not ideal, but the console received continuous support to bounce back
  • It appears that the console has surpassed 1 million units in sales

What is KDE?

To provide some background, KDE is a rather proactive software community that focuses its operations on developing free-to-use, open-source software. Due to their accessible nature, the software can be further polished by multiple collaborators, thus setting into something special.

The Crux of The Matter

During the Q/A, an audience member asked about sales performance. Perhaps surprisingly, albeit in a good way, it is reported that the Steam Deck has surpassed 1 million units in sales. The cherry on top is that the growth does not stop there! Back orders being processed and upcoming placements mean that that figure is expected to rise significantly.

Aside from this info, the initial order to invite time has been reduced to 2 weeks. This means that we can expect an increase in production, higher concurrent users, and the likelihood that they will soon take orders without a waitlist.

Added Resurgence In The Project

It’s interesting and equally brilliant to report that the general narrative regarding the Steam Deck has shifted to a more positive outlook.

Neogaf user testimony Steam Deck
Neogaf User Testimony

Reviews like these are not scarce in any sense. The thread is largely filled with product users pleasantly satisfied with their overall experience; as per this user, the added benefits of KDE show. The Steam Deck’s unique selling point of supporting open source software means that no other handheld console, and few full-size consoles, support the customization that this does.

Why Is This Significant

With the console space being as competitive as in our contemporary world, it is always a relief when developers who introduce a console varying from the market competitors do well. A trip not too far down memory lane reminds us of the recent demise of Google’s take on cloud gaming, the Google Stadia. Our team at TopTierList discussed the advantages that Stadia was seemingly bringing by extending its regional support.

The closest rival that clicks almost immediately would be the Nintendo Switch. Despite the success, it seems to be enjoying. However, it, too, did not come without hurdles, and the limitations are the inability to play a wide variety of PC full-scale games, unlike the Steam Deck.

Closing Remarks

With Steam Deck making a remarkable and strong comeback, it seems that the future is aplenty with opportunities for the console and its users. How would you rate the resurgence of the console? What added features would you like to see included? Let us know down below!

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