Street Fighter 6 Features Other Games Can Benefit From

If we talk about some simple, yet most expansive fighting games, then Street Fighter is indeed somewhere on top. It is a Japanese media franchise that found its popularity through the fighting video games and arcade games developed by Capcom.

The first game in the main series was released in 1987, and since then, six mainline games, along with various other crossovers/spin-offs, have come out. It is the fighting game that revolutionized the fighting one-on-one genre in its entirety. Without Street Fighter, fighting games would still be slept on.

Due to the fantastic games, one after another, Street Fighter has seen massive success and is considered one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time. As of June 2022, the series has over 48 million units sold globally.

About Street Fighter 6

The latest game in the series, Street Fighter 6, is set to release in 2023. It has three game modes; Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. The first mode contains local and online battles against other people and training and arcade modes. They give the user 2D gameplay, where you use different attacks and special moves to knock your enemy, similar to the other Street Fighter games.

World Tour is the story mode, and it features a customizable player avatar that you can explore with. The Battle Hub is the online lobby, and more information on this game mode will be revealed later.

Major Points

  • Street Fighter 6 Beta has many features, some of which can be pretty fun to see in other fighting games.
  • Although they work exceptionally well in Street Fighter 6, players had a discussion, and some features stood out more than others; Online Stage Selection, Matchmaking, and the Pre-character Ranking.
  • According to the players, these features have given them a rewarding experience in Street Fighter 6 and would therefore be fun to see elsewhere.

Some Unique Street Fighter 6 Features

Our team at TopTierList happened upon a thread by user Stowaway Silfer, who talked about some features she has seen in Street Fighter 6 Beta, which would look fabulous in other fighting games as well.

SF6 Features
Thread Detailing Some Street Fighter 6 Features.
  • According to her, Online Stage Selection is vital as you can pick an individual stage for yourself or even randomize the whole stage list. You can even select specific stages to randomly pick from, allowing you to be as picky and specific as you would like. These are simple features but offer great variety. Here, the stage is not chosen as per your opponent’s choice. You can be fighting someone who was playing with a completely different background.
  • Matchmaking is also superb in Street Fighter 6 Beta, as you can have big public lobbies to fight people with, but when you are matchmaking, it puts you in groups with people not from your lobby. 
  • Pre-character Ranking is also one of the best here. Let’s suppose you are playing with one specific character your whole life, but then you decide to go for someone else. Your elo will not be determined by your previous character because the ranks are character specific. If they were account specific, it is no doubt that half of the competitive fun would be gone.
SF6 Matchmaking
Thread Member Detailing Why Matchmaking Is a lot More Important.


SF6 Character Ranking
Ranks are not Account Specific.

Many agreed with her picks and even put out their thoughts on why these are actually much more important than one might think. These features simultaneously make a person’s gaming experience smooth and competitive yet fun.

The game offers many such small features that enhance your experience, and once you start looking into it, you will realize that Capcom has learned from its previous games and always gives out precisely what the community wants.

Ending Thoughts

These are only a few features, so let us know what other features you would love to see from Street Fighter 6 in other games or vice versa. Is there anything else we missed out on? And do you think Street Fighter 6 is set to be the best game in the franchise? Share your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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