SSKJL’s IMDA Rating Adds Credibility to Some Story Leaks

The previous leak revealing some spoilers now has slight evidence with the new IMDA rating.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has become a highly anticipated title, especially recently, as we witnessed some leaks regarding the game. However, very little is known about the game’s storyline besides the premise. Although some people did try to leak the story, they lacked credibility, all but one. Our team at TopTierList found some exciting details in the IMDA rating of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Some of which strongly hint at the possibility of an earlier story leak being true.

Since we always try to deliver news from credible sources or with enough evidence backing it up, we did not talk about the spoilers before. That is not the case anymore, and one particular person may have leaked the deaths of some notable game characters.

We will dive deeper into the spoilers’ territory, so proceed at your own risk.

Suicide Squad Game
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – IMDA Rating

Major Points

  • A month-old Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League story leak has piqued people’s interest, as IMDA rating reveals details resembling the leak.
  • If the leak stands true, we might know how most characters will die, some more gruesome than others.
  • In addition to that, the leak also reveals the majority of the storyline.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an upcoming game that dwells more into the perspective of the notorious Suicide Squad. As expected, many gamers and DC Comics fans alike have tried their hands at speculating what we can expect story-wise.

Though some are obviously far-fetched, one leak stood out more than others as it made sense even at that time. However, there was no evidence or indications of it being accurate, and since it talked about the death of some major superheroes, many gamers considered it to be fake.

Before we talk about how the IMDA rating has added some possibility to the leak, let us share what exactly the older leak contains:

Supposed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Spoilers
by u/SkyPopZ in GamingLeaksAndRumours

The post is long, so we will share our summarized version below. It was taken from a 4Chan post, which is why many were skeptical to believe it. However, the Flashpoint Protocol made more sense for many as it would allow Warner Bros. to get around the Arkham Knight ending and continue with Arkham sequels without anyone knowing that Bruce is Batman.

It shared the deaths of some Justice League members, except Diana and Barry. Some are killed comedically, while others suffer a much more gruesome fate. You encounter Superman twice, once in the beginning, where he effortlessly beats you, and later where you distract him while Diana does the beating job.

In one mission, we must find a Kryptonite bullet in the Lexcorp building. In your search, you find the bodies of Lex Luthor and Bloodsport, with Bloodsport carrying the bullet. Later, you discover the earth is doomed, so Diana tells the Squad about Flashpoint Protocol.

It is self-explanatory, but Barry is essential here, so you must find him. However, you lose him to Batman, who resists mind control. After progressing through much of the story, dealing with Superman and other things in Gotham (going into details would prolong this much longer and is not essential to IMDA rating), you fight Batman again.

You have the upper hand this time, so Batman threatens to kill Barry with a Batarang, but Boomerang doesn’t care. He throws his boomerang, which decapitates Barry and gets stuck in Bruce’s throat. As Batman gets free from the mind control, he tells the Squad with his dying words about the Lazarus pit in Metropolis, which they can use to revive Barry.

After a whole fiasco with Green Lantern, you are captured by Brainiac after throwing Barry into the pit. The final boss is simply a survival wave with the members dying one by one by self-detonating. The game gives you a special cutscene if you survive for 5 minutes. It just shows your character flipping off Brainiac before your head explodes.

The game ends with Diana rescuing Barry and telling him it is time for Flashpoint Protocol. The leak also talked about costumes and weapons of other DC heroes and villains, which you can get as collectibles.

Now, as we get into the IMDA rating, remember how Barry and Batman died in the above leak. The details in IMDA’s rating talk about violence and mention, “Other scenes contain stronger depictions, such as a character with a blade impaled in the neck, another’s heart being ripped out, and a man being decapitated with blood spurting out of the neck stump.

The blade impaled in the neck and a man decapitated is a strong inclination towards their death. What’s more interesting is that these details are exactly as mentioned in the 4Chan leak. Which is why we found it exciting. If that much is true, then there is a high possibility that the rest of the storyline is also very much true. The leak talked about the deaths of many other characters and even information on collectibles.

The game is rated M18 for intense violence, which is not surprising since we know the game will be gruesome and contain strong language. However, we will receive more information on the game in the upcoming State of Play. The event will showcase many exciting things, and one of the main headlines is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

But what else do you think we can expect from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Do you think the leak will be entirely accurate? Or is the similarity just a coincidence? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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