A Ridiculous Last of Us Clone Surfaces on Nintendo Switch eShop

It might no be a gripping post-apocalyptic adventure like TLOU but it is interestingly terrible.

In the world of video games, inspiration often fuels innovation and leads to the birth of new unique experiences, but there are instances that give birth to unoriginal clones, and such is the case with “The Last Hope- Dead Zone Survival,” a game developed by VG Games which is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and available through the eShop.

It has taken heavy inspiration from the renowned title “The Last of Us’ by Naughty Dog, and this game attempts to clone the game. They have not even tried to make it a unique experience. The version of Joel in the game is a little different, but Ellie is almost identical and even wears the same shirt. The depth and finesse that made ‘The Last of Us’ such a thrilling experience are lacking in this game.

Key Points

  • ‘The Last Hope- Dead Zone Survival’, a ridiculous clone of the famous title from Sony ‘The Last of Us,’ was released on Switch.
  • The game is developed by an unknown developer VG Games, and the clone they have released lacks the depth and finesse of the original game even the character of Ellie was used in this game, which seems like a stolen asset.
  • The graphics and overall quality of the game are subpar, and it looks like a mockery, as the game is currently on sale for $1.
  • Questions must b e asked of Nintendo for allowing a game with stolen assets and such poor quality control where they failed to oversee the presence of such a blatant imitation.

We wondered how Nintendo even allowed such a game to be available on their platform. The striking similarities between the two games are beyond coincidence. The heavy imitation in the game is evident, maybe one can make an excuse that it costs merely €8.99 and is currently available for €0.99, which is 88% off the original price.

In the gameplay video uploaded by the YouTuber @TahamiGaming, you can see that Ellie is simply a stolen asset. The game is not good enough, the graphics are horrible, and it is just a mockery. The game is available for about $1, but the developer is clearly lazy. This might be good enough for people who want to have a laugh and are ready to lose their hard-earned $1. 

One can argue that these small developers are not having enough resources to create a c completely original game. They take the shortcut by creating such clones to have visibility on the market. They lack the R&D to make a big game, and with a lack of knowledge of the market and other factors like time constraints, they make such titles.

The developers of the game claimed that this is a survival action game, the city is destroyed by Zombies, and you have to survive with a little girl by your side. The game promised an immersive narrative and graphics, which gives fuel to a great engaging story.

Stealing assets is not a good thing, and they are not the only ones doing this. Recently the developers of the viral indie game called ‘Only Up!’ were caught stealing assets, and the game was thus removed from Steam. Will we see the same happening to The Last Hope? Let’s see!