Top Steam Games Having a Record Low Price

Steam DB is a very important site for gaming enthusiasts. The website allows users to view all the details about a specific game. These details can be reviews, current online players, availability in your region, and most importantly, its price.

If you aren’t aware, Valve likes to put a lot of its games on sale. This sale can go from a mere 1-4 hours to sales that last entire months. Fortunately for us, Steam DB has a great feature; it records the lowest price of any title and marks it as a “New Historical Low.”

TopTierList brings you this exclusive finding, all thanks to Steam DB. We will go over some great titles here and without further ado, let us start them.

Resident Evil 2

What better way to start these great titles than with one of the best in existence, Resident Evil 2. . It is an iconic horror game title that is a remake of one of the early stepping stones for the Resident Evil franchise’s success.

Despite being released four years ago, this game is still alive and kicking, with an average of 1000 players daily. However, Resident Evil 2 is here because it is currently 70% off, which immediately drops it from a AAA price to 12 USD.

If I were a fan of the old classics being remade, I would not hesitate a second to buy this title at the best price since its release date. Act quickly, as this sale is only live until the 19th of September. You can find the game here.

Need For Speed: Payback

The next game on the Steam DB charts is a Need for Speed Title, Payback. Although it wasn’t the best-received title EA released in the franchise, it does not stray far from that position. Need for Speed is a franchise that rarely sees a price drop, so it is surprising to see this game go this low.

The Need for Speed Payback title is currently at an all-time low, costing players only a dollar (in Argentia Pesos). Don’t worry if you can’t switch to an Argentinian account for purchase because this game is only 3 dollars with 90% off for American consumers.

For comparison, this title normally has a triple AAA price of 30 USD. So, you can imagine just how big of a sale this is for the Need for Speed Enthusiasts, with a live player count of almost 7 thousand players. You do have to act quickly because this game is only available at this price until the 15th of September. Check the game out here.

Star Wards Jedi: Fallen Order

Next up in the queue for the best titles steam has on sale is the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order title. It is a massively popular star wars title with very positive reviews on steam. It was released in 2019 but still manages to get a daily payer count of at least 1500.

This number is astonishingly high, given how long it has been since its release. However, EA seems to be having a huge promotional spree as it introduced an 80% sale on this game of theirs. Much like the Need for Speed title discussed above, this game is available only on sale until the 15th of September. You can get it here.

This sale is quite a big one because it reduces Star Wars Fallen Order’s price from 40 USD to only 8 USD. This is the best time to start the Star Wars games if you plan on doing so.

Cross Code

Cross Code is the final game we will discuss. It is not as popular as the other title discussed here. However, if you are a fan of Retro games, then you have surely heard about this one.

It was released in 2018 but still captures 200-400 players daily. These may not seem like a lot, but for a 16-bit retro game, that’s a lot. Its fast-paced style mixed with hard puzzles and a great story also captures speed runners and story lovers alike.

Cross Code has a sale of 65%, which is not a lot considering the base game is only 8.19 USD. However, given its increasing popularity recently, this is the perfect move by Radical Fish Games to lure in more players than ever before.

If you are a fellow speed runner, I suggest you check out this game here. Although, you may want to hurry as the sale is only until the 15th of September.


Well, that’s it for now, and as far as steam sales go, this month has brought a lot of games full of nostalgia into the spotlight again. Let’s see what the next sale wave brings. But I hope you get your wishlist items in the next sale, and hopefully, I get to cover them for you!

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