Insider Reveals Valorant Mobile Will Release in 2023

Old rumor finally gets some confirmation from a notable leaker!

Valorant has found massive success over the past 2-and-half years in FPS competitive gaming and ESports. Though many like to compare it with Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, it offers a different unique gameplay, implementing tactical abilities in the traditional FPS format.

Since the game has been great on the PC, gamers have wished to see it coming on mobile and consoles. While we can’t guarantee a release date for the console, our team at TopTierList found a Twitter post from a notable leaker confirming the old suspicious rumor of Valorant Mobile releasing in 2023.

Insider Shaun Weber is well-known for almost accurate leaks, many of which have either been confirmed or are pending. According to his recent tweet, Valorant Mobile will be released publicly in 2023. Though many already believed it, there was no one to confirm it, and the rumor was basically wishful thinking of the fans, but that may not be the case anymore.

Major Points

  • Valorant Mobile will likely release in 2023.
  • According to the leaker, the game will have cross-progression as expected.
  • The console version is also in the works, but it will take a long time.

Valorant Mobile has been rumored for a long time and spread like wildfire after the Official approval in China. But as there was little to no information announced officially, fans were left to speculate. Since the community has grown significantly in parts of South Asia, where mobile gaming is a huge sensation, many speculations have been made regarding its release.

The first and most obvious thing people went for was a release in 2023, as it seemed most logical, but there was no evidence to back those claims. Even insiders refrained from commenting on the release date as it could go either way, considering the benchmark that is set by the PC game.

Valorant Mobile would need to compete with other significant titles like PUBG Mobile, and to do that, it has to be almost perfect and identical to the PC version to allow features like cross-progression. Luckily, the recent tweet by insider Shaun Weber adds some credibility to the old rumor.

In addition, he also commented that the console version is in the works and will happen, but it needs a lot more time. So, Valorant might just get even bigger than it already is, and considering its focus on the lore of each character and story, we can expect the game to last a while.

Riot Games is making great efforts in this project and even went as far as to sue NetEase for making a Valorant Mobile clone. NetEase is notorious for copying such titles and, surprisingly, gets away with it most of the time.

As we take a step into 2023, we are prepared to see Valorant Franchising and how this affects the future of Valorant ESports. So far, the ESports side looks as exciting as ever, and perhaps in a future LAN event, we will see Riot Games reveal the gameplay trailer of Valorant Mobile.

That is all for now! When do you think the release date will be announced for Valorant Mobile? And do you think the game will live up to the high expectations? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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