Valorant’s Promised Replay Feature Has Entered Development

Although the feature was confirmed to come eventually, the job listing shows work has already started on it.

There are many FPS games in our midst, and they all have some uniqueness to them. Although they try to offer something different in their gameplay, one of the features that many of them have is the replay feature. A replay feature makes it easy for you to rewatch or analyze the situation that has transpired. Valorant is among a few FPS games that don’t yet have the replay feature.

Luckily, our team at TopTierList has found a recent job listing that confirms Riot Games is currently working on this feature. Even though Riot Games confirmed the feature would be added eventually, it was never confirmed when exactly. The job listing doesn’t tell us when it will be released, but it does at least confirm that the feature is under development as we speak.

Riot Games Job Listing
Job Listing – Description.

Major Points

  • A recent job listing by Riot Games has confirmed that the replay feature for Valorant is currently in the works.
  • They confirmed last month that the game would get it eventually, but no comments were made on when they would work on this feature.
  • Since we can confirm its development, the feature might be closer than we expected.

Valorant recently had a new agent release, and with that, it brought many new things. One of the things many gamers have desired to see in the game includes the replay feature. It can be fun for casual gamers and a good addition for the Esports side.

The job listing for Manager, Software Engineering, has confirmed that Riot Games is at least working on this feature. Although it may take a long time to add the feature, it is wonderful news to see it progress.

The job description states, “You will help lead the delivery of new features and content to a live, tactical shooter on multiple platforms. As a leader on our Competitive-Replays team, you will concentrate on building replays functionality for players and Esports. You’ll own the technical direction for making VALORANT replays a quality experience. You will report to the Senior Manager of Engineering of the project.

It would have been more exciting if we had heard about multiple platforms a year ago. However, we have known for a while that they are working on a mobile game version and possibly even a console version. Nevertheless, any feature added to the game should come to all platforms, so it makes sense they would say that.

In addition, they acknowledge that the feature would be good for both players and Esports. So, we can see a great deal of effort put into it, especially since the game has a very popular Esports community, and Riot Games invest a lot of resources to make them perfect.

Besides that, everything looks pretty standard from the job listing, and there is no mention of the expected time for this project. As such, we might have a long way to go before the feature is added to the game. It would also require some polishing and reworks before being added to competitive Esports.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts on Valorant getting a replay feature? Do you think the game would benefit a lot from it? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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